A Black woman is bringing a boutique hotel made of shipping containers to Indianapolis in the summer of 2022. 

Robin Staten, an Indy native, is the owner of Tiny Urban Escapes – a one-of-a-kind experience that’s transforming up-cycled shipping containers into micro semi-glass private suites. 

“This goes beyond hospitality,” Staten told the Indy Star.  “The intent is to transform communities, but also to use this space, almost as an igniter of additional economic development in this community.”

Take everything you think you know about shipping containers and throw it out the window. 

Staten and her team have created an accommodation beyond our imagination offering luxe, glam, and chic with a sustainable bow on top. 

There are four different suites that you can choose from that are designed based on the vibe you want to create in the space.

Take the Blossom suite, for example. It’s a private oasis and designer retreat space that includes scenic views, a queen bed with luxury linen, and a spa-inspired en suite bathroom. It’s perfect for a staycation or space to unplug.


Meanwhile, the Bold suite is a 160 square-foot junior suite made of semi-glass wonder with “tremendous views” over the garden. This suite was designed for “the daring, downright audacious, recklessly brave fearless one. The original being, in defiance of all things conventional,” a statement reads on the website.


The Micro Garden Hotel is located at 2214 W. Michigan Street in Indianapolis. Rooms start at $179 per night and go up to $329.

Reservations have already opened up for the summer, but the suites are going fast. For more information about the room or to book a stay, click here.