It’s been a year since rapper and producer Pharrell Williams opened his highly anticipated accommodation The Good Time Hotel in Miami, and it looks like it’s only up from here.

Pharrell, along with his partner and nightclub mogul David Grutman are partnering with Atlantis Paradise to open a new resort in The Bahamas that will be named ‘Somewhere Else.’

What we know as of now is expected to open in 2024 and will be adjacent to Atlantis. The resort will have about 400 guestrooms and suites, multiple pools and recreation areas, restaurants, multiple bars, as well as bungalows with recording studios, as CNN reports.

Grutman and Williams say the theme for the resort is a style they call “tropical modernism.”

“Often, when talking about tropical aesthetics, there’s this harkening back to another time,” said Pharrell Williams in a statement “It’s like, ‘man, let’s let that time be.’ We’re going for the future here.”

The hotel will be designed by Shawn Sullivan of The Rockwell Group.

“We’re so thrilled to be designing an enthralling oasis with over 400 guestrooms and suites alongside an array of vibrant, top-tier dining venues, lushly landscaped grounds, an oceanfront beach, multiple pools, and recreation areas, luxury amenities, and live entertainment,” Sullivan stated on Instagram. “We’re excited to let nature pervade the space.”


Williams added in a news release, “Somewhere Else is going to be one-of-a-kind, and a major extension of the unforgettable experience we aim to deliver with Groot Hospitality. I can’t wait to activate all that we have planned, from dining to recreation to nightlife and more.”

Both Sullivan and Williams have had success collaborating with each other as they are partners on Swan, the Miami-based restaurant, and the Goodtime Hotel, as we previously reported.