Black Nurse Collaborative Founder Creates Guide To Keep Travelers Healthy
Photo Credit: Luis Alvarez

Photo Credit: Luis Alvarez

Black Nurse Collaborative Founder Creates Guide To Keep Travelers Healthy

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Jasmine Osby
Jasmine Osby Jun 7, 2023

When Covid-19 began ravaging home worldwide, the travel and tourism industry took a hit. The deadly virus and strict travel restrictions made exploring the world difficult. According to the International Monetary Fund, tourist arrivals worldwide dropped more than 65% in the first half of 2020. 

Thankfully, things are turning around. More people are embracing travel and overcoming fears and anxiety that arose when Covid emerged. However, the founder of the Black Nurse Collaborative is encouraging travelers not to throw away the health precautions they adopted during the height of the pandemic. 

Meedi Bardonvill provides travelers with expert advice on remaining healthy by packing “SMARTT” for their next vacation or international getaway. She created the acronym as an easy reminder for travelers to remain physically well while exploring destinations. With more people preparing to get outside this summer travel season, Bardonvill’s SMARTT travel guide is ensuring they stay healthy while out and about.

 S: Sanitize

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The “S” in Bardonvill’s travel acronym represents the importance of sanitization. Travel hubs are breeding grounds for germs. While you may be diligent about remaining clean and healthy, everyone may not hold those same values. Bardonvill encourages travelers to sanitize everywhere they go. This includes on airplanes, trains, and when using public transportation. Keep a travel-size bottle of hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes handy in case you need to clean your hands or surrounding surfaces while traveling. 

M: Mask Up

Bardonvill’s second healthy travel suggestion involved encouraging travelers to continue wearing face masks. Yes, everyone knows it’s become unpopular to still flaunt the infamous Covid-19 masks. However, Bardonvill’s suggest travelers keep one in their carry-on bag for overly crowded travel spaces like busy airports.  

A: Avoid People With Symptoms

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The best way to avoid getting sick is to avoid sick people. Staying away from individuals displaying signs of a cold or illness can keep you from contracting whatever they have. Bardonvill encourages travelers to especially watch out for people showing symptoms of Covid-19. Although the federal government determined Covid-19 was no longer a public health emergency as of May 2023 according to the CDC, contracting the virus would be a great way to ruin any fun-filled vacation.

R: Remember To Get Your Caccination

While it may not be the most exciting course of action, Bardonvill encourages travelers to get their Covid-19 vaccination. According to the CDC, as of May 2023, more than 2 million Americans have been vaccinated for the virus. Bardonvill’s guide says vaccination is an additional measure travelers can take to evade sickness this summer.

T: Take the Essentials 

Not every country has the same health and medical resources as the United States. To prevent from being away from home without important items, Bardonvill says travelers should always pack the essentials. This included things like wipes, tissues, sanitizer, pain medication, a thermometer, and prescribed medication. She also encourages travelers to always travel with their vaccination card just in case.

T: Travel Clinics Are an Untapped Resource

Lastly, Bardonvill says, if travelers do find themselves sick on vacation, visit a local travel clinic. Most people immediately head to a hospital when they feel sick while traveling internationally. However, travel clinic provide a variety of special services that could have travelers in and out much faster than traditional hospitals.

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