There has been quite a rise in black women travel influencers across social media in recent years but women aren’t the only ones at the forefront. Black men are also taking to social media to show off their global adventures and build online platforms that inspire the culture through travel. Here are a few of those men.

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The Vagabond Experience


Born and raised in New York City, Nate Chambers has always had a love for exploration. The Vagabond Experience’s core focus is to promote unconventional and experiential travel around the globe. You can follow Nate’s adventures from Kingston, Jamaica to Zanzibar and more.

Worldwide Nate


Nathan Fluellen is originally from Chicago and now spends his time traveling the globe and documenting his adventures through social media and his online travel show. A self-proclaimed adventure enthusiast, he hopes to inspire readers and viewers with a ton of travel tips for their next adventure.

Minority Nomad


Erick Prince is a travel journalist, photographer, and global citizen who is on a journey to be the first black man to visit every country in the world. Currently, he has visited 95 countries and documents his journey via social media.

Fly Brother


Ernest White II is a storyteller, explorer, and transformational lifestyle designer who has circumnavigated the globe six times. A Florida native, Ernest has lived in 5 countries and traveled to over 70. His favorite places include South Africa, São Paulo, and San Francisco. You can follow him on his social media channels as well as his travel docu-series FLY BROTHER with Ernest White II (premiering in January 2020 on PBS).

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Mister Levius


Travis is a luxury travel writer based in London and Atlanta. He is currently living his best life while traveling the world and documenting his experiences for global publications and via his YouTube channel.