From No Experience To An Outdoor Resource, Meet The Black Hiking Queen
Photo Credit: Irene Ogeto

Photo Credit: Irene Ogeto

From No Experience To An Outdoor Resource, Meet The Black Hiking Queen

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Dec 30, 2021

Irene Ogeto is the founder of the Black Hiking Queen: an outdoor resource for people looking to explore nature through hiking, camping, and outdoor adventures. 

It’s something Ogeto didn’t exactly plan to do, as she didn’t grow up camping or hiking. In fact, it was her first real experience as an adult that ignited her passion. 

“I was introduced to the outdoors when I was in college. I somehow became in charge of planning a camping trip for a church organization that I was a part of and at the time, I had no idea what I was doing,” she told Travel Noire. “I didn’t know what primitive camping was. I went on the Texas State Parks’ website and just picked something out of the blue. I thought it was a good idea.”

But her first experience didn’t go as planned. 

“It ended up being a primitive camp spot, which means that you have to hike to the campground. I remember feeling so bad because we had to carry everything to the campsite.”

Despite the headache, she remembers the real success from that experience, which was connecting with nature. With a few dozen camping trips under her belt now, she started documenting her experience and starting an online resource for others looking to take on an outdoor adventure through The Black Hiking Queen. 

She is proving that you don’t have to grow up in the outdoors for it to become a true hobby or passion. 

“My focus is showing people that nature and the outdoors is something that is really powerful and can change your life,” she said. “I want to bring awareness to the outdoors and also educate people on how they can enjoy nature.”

Ogeto’s platform is a resource for everyone, especially people of color, when it comes to enjoying the outdoors. She teaches people what to wear on hiking trips, how much water to bring, the benefits of hiking, where to hike, and shares insights on different parks she’s visited.

“I hope my videos encourage Black people to get out there, hike and see something that they can actually do.”

You can follow her journey on Instagram and take a look at her tips on YouTube.

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