The best time to visit scenic Greece is during the fall. Although this season is technically the shoulder season, there are many benefits to visiting the city at this time of year. Instead of visiting the most popular areas in the high season, which is during summer, travelers can take it slow and steady as they get to know the country’s islands in their more relaxed state.

Greece is most enjoyable for tourists between September and November. A vacation to the islands of Greece in the fall is a journey through a land accented with autumn hues where travelers can explore wondrous and ancient history, Italian delicacies, and enchanting local culture. Discover the top eight reasons why fall is the best time to visit Greece. 

Average Temperature This Time of Year

  • 60-80 Degrees F


The weather varies throughout the fall months in Greece. Overall, the temperatures are more manageable than the summer season when the heat can be sweltering. October is a bit cooler than September. The northern regions of Greece tend to have cooler climates than the southern regions, which are generally warmer. The fall foliage in Greece is quite charming in addition to the historic sights and alluring streets. Exploring the streets with a cooling breeze and golden sun rays set the scene for travelers to notice the intimate details that may go unnoticed in seasons with fatiguing weather.

The weather in Greece is pleasant in fall.
pictured: the coast of Greece
Photo credit: Yana Marudova 

Travel Tip:

  • In fall, there is less rain so travelers do not have to worry much about rainfall levels, however, bringing layered clothing is a good idea.

Fewer Crowds 

Since the fall is during the shoulder season, travelers will notice that there are fewer crowds. Greece is typically very crowded due to it being a popular tourist destination. One of the main reasons that travelers should visit during this time is because they can leisurely enjoy attractions and worry less about overtourism. Fall is a great time for bus tours since they are not usually filled to the brim with tourists. This season is also a great time to enjoy the water and have some elbow room. 

There are less crowds in Greece during the fall. 
pictured: Athens Greece with crowds
Photo credit: David Tip 

Travel Tip:

  • Tourists who want to avoid noisy, late-night parties and crowds should visit during the fall. The moderate season offers a higher likelihood of spacious and calm public areas.

Lower Prices 

During the shoulder season, travelers may notice a difference in the price of travel. Fall is Greece’s shoulder season and therefore visitors during this time will reap the benefits of that.  As is common in lower tourism times, the prices for travel to and around Greece are cheaper in the fall. Between September and October, prices are particularly low for accommodations and flights. Fall travelers’ budgets will be well managed during their visit to Greece. 

The lower prices that come with travel to Greece in fall are a big benefit. 
pictured: a stack of euros
Photo credit: Markus Spiske

Travel Tip:

  • October is one of the cheapest months to fly to Greece, so travelers visiting during this month will likely see significant savings. 

Cycle Through the Vineyards of Mykonos

A guided bicycle tour is a great way to observe Greece in the fall. To fully appreciate the blissful fall backdrop, it is a great idea for travelers to get active with outdoor activities. Cycling through the vineyards is a popular tourism activity in Mykonos. The cycling tours lead travelers through underrated back roads that lead to some of the most striking and beautiful views. Knowledgeable tour guides will inform tourists about cultural heritage and ensure their safety as they venture around the rocky terrain. 

A bike tour is an active way to explore Greece in fall.
pictured: the rocky road of Greece
Photo credit: Aris Sfakianakis

Travel Tip:

  • Travelers who plan to cycle in Mykonos should be sure to bring athletic shoes with a good grip since paths may be a little rugged. 

Visit the Beaches of Corfu

Corfu is an island off the northwest coast of Greece. The scenic island is popular for its beaches and travelers have plenty of options. Visitors should note that the cooler beaches are one of the reasons why fall is the best time to visit Greece. While Corfu has attracted mass tourism in the summer months, travelers often enjoy visiting more in the fall. During this time, there are more manageable temperatures, too, since the fall breeze is present.

One of the more popular beaches is Myrtiotissa, which is said to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Corfu. It is hidden away and is facility-free, so travelers should take those details into consideration before venturing to visit this beach. If this is not preferable for travelers, most of Corfu’s (other) best beaches are on the island’s Westside. However, beaches on the eastern side of the island are said to be calmer and best for swimming. 

These beaches are some of the best places to enjoy the Greece fall weather.
pictured: a beach in Greece
Photo credit: Calin Stan

Travel Tip:

  • Travelers can get to Myrtiotissa Beach on foot if they follow coastal trails. Another thing to note is that many visitors of Myrtiotissa Beach prefer to bask in the sun in their birthday suits. 

Visit the Archaeological Museums of Athens

While Greek archeological sites can be enjoyed all year round, doing so in the fall is a far more pleasant experience. Visiting in the fall can help avoid the overwhelming crowds and aggressive heat that summer brings. Greece will feel more spacious in fall and travelers can explore the authentic Greece that locals most enjoy. This is especially true in Athens, which is the capital of Greece so it is usually bustling with foreigners. In the fall, Athens is more like a historical oasis. Some of the most popular museums visitors can leisurely visit during fall include the National Archaeological Museum and the Acropolis Museum. These museums house some of the most significant artifacts of Greece and as a result, contain the most robust Greek archaeological collections in the world. 

The museums of Athens are great places to go in fall. 
pictured: Acropolis Museum
Photo credit: Luna Zhang

Travel Tip:

  • Travelers should be sure to respect local customs while exploring archaeological sites. For example, it is generally considered disrespectful to pose with statues at museums and it is even policed in some places. Visitors of Athens museums should be sure to do their research concerning photography beforehand. 

Thessaloniki Film Festival

Film buffs even have a great reason to visit Greece in the fall since there is an important industry event during this season. The Thessaloniki International Film Festival (TIFF) is held every November in Greece. This international film festival is held in Thessaloniki, Greece, the country’s second major cultural center (just after Athens). Travelers should note that this film fest is established as the most important one in Greece. The objective of the festival is to highlight the work of new filmmakers, so attendees may be able to view exciting and never-before-seen films. Festival attendees also enjoy special screenings, masterclasses, various presentations, and an award ceremony. 

This film fest only occurs in the fall in Greece, which makes it one of the best times to visit Greece. 
pictured: Thessaloniki
Photo credit: Bill Moum

Travel Tip:

  • TIFF is organized into five sectors. If attendees want to see the award ceremony portion of the festival they should come near the end of the event. 

The Olive Harvest 

The olive oil produced in Greece is considered some of the best in the world. Since ancient times, Greeks have been pressing olives. The harvest season typically starts in October, which makes fall one of the best times to visit Greece. Harvesting olives has even become a community activity in which people of every age contribute. Greek olives are gathered by hand, so this does take some effort and many hands to complete. The harvest is comparable to a celebration of Greek culture. Even in Greek mythology, the olive tree was significant. It was associated with Athena, the goddess of wisdom, warfare, and handicraft. Travelers who want to learn more about the rich Greek culture around olive harvesting can learn about it all throughout Greece. More hands-on learners can visit Crete, Athens, or Laconia to take part in traditional methods of olive harvesting. 

The olive harvest is an enjoyable and communal experience for tourists in fall. 
pictured: an olive tree in Greece
Photo credit: James Lee

Travel Tip:

  • Around 120 million olive trees are spread around Greece so travelers should be cautious when booking olive harvesting experiences due to location. Travelers looking for a culturally enriching experience should also do ample research so they know how interactive their olive harvesting excursion is. 

Explore Historic Sites Peacefully

Whether travelers are history buffs, knowledgeable about Greek mythology, or love to see the art of such an influential culture, there are plenty of sites to see. Many historically significant places can not be seen in indoor areas, like the nice museums of Greece. Rhodes Old Town and Corfu Old Venetian Fortress are some underrated historical sites that travelers should visit in the fall. Olympia, Knossos Palace, Acropolis, and The Temple of Hephaestus are some of Greece’s more popular historic landmarks that travelers should not miss out on seeing.  

The historical sites of Greece are most comfortably enjoyed in fall. Check them out during the best time to visit Greece.
pictured: the Acropolis
Photo credit: Dafni K

Travel Tip:

  • Travelers checking out historical sites on foot in Greece should be sure to pack well. Having a light backpack or fanny pack for any belongings makes exploring much easier. Travelers should be sure to bring sunglasses or a hat, a water bottle, sunscreen, a portable charger, and snacks packed. 

Seasonal Culinary Specialties 

The cultural impact of Mediterranean cuisine is known all around the world. While Greece is known for charcoal-grilled and spit-roasted meats, there are many tourist favorites worth savoring. Must-try local dishes include Souvlaki, Gyros, and the national dish, Moussaka. However, eating cuisine with seasonal foods provides an unmatched experience for the palate of visitors. Fall naturally brings apples, figs, potatoes, and olives to Greece. Some traditional meals that are popular in fall include braised lamb shanks, Kolokithopita with butternut squash, potato and kalamata olive stew, and Stifado. These comfort meals are some of the reasons that the fall is the best time to visit Greece.

Learn why the seasonal food is a reason to visit in fall. This makes fall one of the best times to visit Greece. 
pictured: a outdoor table in Greece
Photo credit: Constantin Panagopoulos

Travel Tip:

  • If eating at Greek restaurants during fall, travelers do not typically have to ask what is in season since Greece eats for the seasons (using ingredients grown around the country). 

The islands of Greece are wondrous places for travelers to visit in the fall. The delicious seasonal food, breezy historical areas, cultural traditions, and fall festivities make this season the best time to visit Greece. These reasons for visiting at this ideal time of year are just the tip of the iceberg to enjoying the season’s benefits.