How to Plan An Epic Photoshoot in Greece
Photo Credit: Photo Courtesy of Ashley Turner.

Photo Credit: Photo Courtesy of Ashley Turner.

How to Plan An Epic Photoshoot in Greece

Jasmine Osby
Jasmine Osby Jun 13, 2022

Everyone has seen the iconic Greecian photos with ladies draped in flowing, wind-blown gowns going viral online. These pictures almost teleport the viewer to Greece themselves and leave people wondering how they too can set up the photo of a lifetime in the ancient country. With its white, stone houses, rising hills, and clear blue sky, Greece is the perfect backdrop for anyone photoshoot big or small.

If you plan on visiting Greece soon and want to make memories that’ll last a lifetime, follow these 10 steps to set up and execute your next photoshoot along the skyline. Not heading to the Hellenic Republic? You can use these tips in any destination to make sure you capture the perfect image when shooting while traveling.

Pre-scout Shooting Locations Before Your Trip

One of the first rules of shooting photos in any city or country is to pre-scout location before you arrive at your destination. And Greece is no different! There are many places throughout the country that provide the perfect backdrop for an iconic photoshoot. The key is researching and planning to shoot in the best place for the vibe you want your photos to portray. 

Photoshoot in Greece
Photo Courtesy of Ashley Turner.

Places like Imerovigli provide added character to your photos with its passing boats and cruise ships. Some travelers also mentioned Imerovigli having less tourist traffic than other Greecian cities, making it easier to set up and shoot photos at their leisure. But if Imerovigli isn’t your cup of tea there are a ton of other cities like Oia and Santorini that also offer amazing backdrops for photos. 

In addition to scouting for locations, it’s best to also do research on what time of day you would like to execute your photoshoot. Research online in search engines and forums to see what is the best time to shoot in the city you’re visiting. For example, if you want to capture the Greecian sunset in your background, it’s best to begin setting up at least an hour before sunset to ensure you get the best shot. Do your research to see what timeframes worked best for other travelers who have shot photos in the country.

Start Shooting Early

Photoshoot in Greece
Photo Courtesy of Ashley Turner.

If you plan on capturing photos during the day, make sure you get an early start to get the best results. Not only does waking up early ensure you’re not rushing, which could lead to errors and mistakes, but it also helps you to avoid other tourists who may inevitably land in your shot. 

Planning photoshoots abroad is a perfect example of the early bird always catching the worm. Instead of competing with other tourists for a spot in front of historic landmarks and iconic backdrops, you’ll find yourself alone with plenty of opportunities to capture the perfect shot. 

Waking up early also will help you beat the Greecian heat especially if you are visiting during the summer months when the temperature can rise as high as 97 degrees; the perfect weather for melting off a full face of makeup. Although it may be tempting to sleep in, get up and get outside early to make sure your photoshoot goes exactly as planned.

Ask Your Travel Agent for Help

Photoshoot in Greece
Photo Courtesy of RODNAE Productions.

Did you hire a travel agent to assist you in planning your trip to Greece? If so, don’t hesitate to ask them for help when planning out your epic photoshoot. Travel agents are a great resource when trying to sort out plans in another country. Most of them have access to contacts and information the average traveler does not that can make your experience more efficient and carefree. If you trust your agent with planning excursions and booking hotel stays, let them plan your photoshoot to minimize the amount of work you have to do on your trip. 

In addition to finding a photographer, your agent can also help you find the best shooting locations in Greece to bring your photos to life. They also can assist with finding wardrobe and connecting you with a posing coach on sight to endure your photoshoot is perfect in every way.

Don’t Be Afraid of Inclimate Weather

Photoshoot in Greece
Photo Courtesy of Lachlan Ross.

It’s always a good idea to check the weather before embarking on a trip and visiting Greece is no different. Double-checking the weather is important because you never know when rain or storms might roll in. This will also help with planning your wardrobe to make sure it’s appropriate for rainy weather. 

If rain is on the horizon, fear not! When blogger Cindy encountered rain while taking photos in Greece, she took advantage of the sun reflecting off the wet, white walls to capture incredible images. Her idea was brilliant and she encourages travelers not to fret if rain clouds appear while photographing the country.

Work with Local Photographers

Photoshoot in Greece
Photo Courtesy of Ashley Turner.

One of the nice things about working with local photographers while shooting in Greece is they know about all the best locations for capturing excellent photos. They also know the ideal times for sufficient lighting, tourism traffic, and can even connect you with local businesses where you can take more photos. 

A lot of local photographers’ main income comes from photographing tourists visiting the country. So you’ll be supporting Greecian creatives by selecting a professional from their pool of local talent. A quick Google search can yield you some great leads to finding a photographer in Greece. You can also use Instagram and Twitter hashtag searches to find one too and see examples of their work. Be sure to always be safe when meeting new people in different countries and make sure the photographer is legit before booking by checking reviews online and reading the comments on their social media posts.

Bring All Essential Equipment with You

Photoshoot in Greece
Photo Courtesy of Alex Andrews.

If you don’t plan on hiring a photographer, it’s important to bring all the equipment you’ll need to capture your perfect photo. Depending on what type of angles you desire, this could include tripods, ring lights, selfie sticks, and more. If you’re unsure if you will need a particular item, bring it anyway just in case the occasion calls for a special type of photography equipment. 

Sometimes it can be hard to locate electronic and retail stores in foreign countries. So it is best to bring everything you need along with you to ensure you have everything you need to make the most of your shooting time.

Don’t Be Afraid to Shoot Alone or With Friends

Photoshoot in Greece
Photo Courtesy of
Allan Mas.

There are a ton of resources and tutorials that will make you a pro at shooting alone while traveling abroad so don’t be afraid to execute your photoshoot solo dolo. One of the nice things about shooting alone is that you’re on your own time. You won’t have to wait around for anyone to shoot or abide by anyone else’s schedule. Your time is your own. 

If you happen to be vacationing in Greece with friends or family, don’t hesitate to ask them to snap some quick shots for you. However, be mindful that not everyone is open to taking photos of others so read the room and be respectful if someone declines your request.

Shoot During the Blue Hour


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Have you ever heard of the Blue Hour? This one-hour long period right after sunset in Greece cast a blue and purple hue across the horizon illuminating the sky. The hour is almost magical and it’s a moment you do not want to miss with your camera. Plan accordingly so you can make it to a spot on time to capture the magical, dark blue sky. 

Incorporate Bright Colors Into Your Wardrobe

Photoshoot in Greece
Photo Courtesy of Ashley Turner.

Many Greek cities have light-colored or white walls so it may be smart to accessorize and dress in bright, vibrant colors. Bright colors contrast perfectly with the white walls and will pop in your photos. If bright colors aren’t your thing, try an all-white or all-black outfit with a pop of color in your hat or accessories to still bring your photos to life.

Invest In A Drone

Photoshoot in Greece
Photo Courtesy of Spencer Davis.

With a drone, you can capture some amazing aerial views of the Greecian backdrop that create some of the most iconic images. The drone provides a different and fresh perspective to your photos and is guaranteed to make your photoshoot iconic and memorable. Some towns, like Oia, have banned drone flying in the community, so it’s important to research which towns will allow you to fly the device. 

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