Best Summer International Flight Deals
Photo Credit: Ricardo Gomez Angel

Photo Credit: Ricardo Gomez Angel

Best Summer International Flight Deals

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite May 29, 2023

Prepare for a busy and expensive summer travel season. According to Hopper, international airfare is the highest it’s been in more than five years. People traveling to Europe and Asia – two destinations where travel analysts are seeing the highest interest – are among the pricey vacations.

Hopper data shows airfare to Europe will average $1,100 per ticket this summer. Meanwhile, a trip to Asia is averaging $1,800. Both tickets have increased by more than $300 compared to this time last year.

Despite the bleak outlook on summer travel, there are some ways to save on international trips. It just takes a little patience, a lot of flexibility, and a sense of urgency to book.

If you’re ready and flexible, we have five of the best summer international flight deals for summer 2023.

Oranjestad, Aruba in July for $232 Roundtrip

Oranjestad, Aruba, is a great location year-round, but it’s especially the perfect Caribbean getaway in the summer. Aruba is part of what is widely known as the ABC Islands, consisting of Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao.

These three islands are located below the Hurricane Belt, so you typically see fewer disruptions in the summer amid the hectic Atlantic Hurricane Season.

Because it’s a great place to visit all year, it’s less painful during the summer months as most people travel during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s.

This summer, you can travel to Aruba for less than $400 this July from Orlando, New York City, Cleveland, Charlotte, Atlanta, and Tampa.

Fort Lauderdale offers the cheapest option in July. Use July 19 through July 22 as your travel dates in Expedia to purchase a roundtrip flight for $232 on Spirit Airlines.

Once you book, check out our Aruba travel guide to plan your itinerary.

Mexico City, Mexico in July for $369 Roundtrip

$369 Roundtrip
Houston To Mexico City Flight Deal
Photo Credit: Expedia

Over the last few years, Mexico City has grown in popularity as the appetite grows to explore Mexico’s cities versus the country’s popular beach resorts such as Cancun, Tulum, and Cabo.

Mexico City has a ton of culture and a vibrant art scene that’s gaining the attention of travelers. While we have a guide for spending 48 hours in Mexico City, you can get lost in something new here for much longer.

Our two-day itinerary makes sure you’re indulging in the top attractions in the city’s center and the most creative neighborhoods, but Mexico City is also a great location for day trips. You can explore the ancient city of Teotihuacan for the main pyramid, the Pyramid of the Sun, then travel to Xochimilco. Xochimilco has an ancient network of canals built by the Aztecs. Another great day trip is to the colonial city of Puebla. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site widely known for its stunning architecture and even better culinary scene.

Travel to Mexico City from Dallas, Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Orlando for less than $400 round-trip.

Houston is where you will find one of the cheapest options to Mexico City. Use July 10 through July 10 as your travel dates in Expedia for a nonstop roundtrip flight for $369 on Volaris Airlines.

Cartagena, Colombia in August for $222 Roundtrip

Colombia’s coastal city is the perfect destination in August. The reason why you find better flight deals to Cartagena is because the region is transitioning to its wet season. If you don’t mind a little rain, you will reap the benefits of a budget-friendly vacation. During August, you can participate in a food tour in the famed Walled City, and explore the Museum of Cartagena de Indias or Museo del Oro Zenú.

An important day trip is visiting Palenque, the first free town for Africans in The Americas. Alex Rocha is the only Black-owned tourism company in Cartagena that offers a well-researched itinerary of Black culture in Colombia.

Charlotte, New York City, Atlanta, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale are all departure cities that will get you to Cartagena for less than $325 roundtrip.

The cheapest leaves Orlando on August 21 through August 28 for $222 roundtrip on Spirit Airlines, according to Expedia.

Amsterdam, Netherlands in August for $583 Roundtrip

While Europe is one of the most sought-out and expensive vacations for summer, there is a steal for people who live on the East Coast.

Boston, New York City, and the DMV areas have flight deals for less than $600 round-trip.

Dulles International Airport in Virginia is the cheapest option to Amsterdam, thanks to Play Airlines. Plug August 15 through August 25 into Expedia to purchase a $583 roundtrip ticket. With this ticket, keep in mind there is a long layover in Keflavik, Iceland. This means you get two trips for the price of one.

August is a great time for Amsterdam as the town is full of color and festivals. Take advantage of the weather by taking a night cruise on an Amsterdam canal. A trip to Amsterdam is incomplete without a tour of the Van Gogh Museum, one of the most visited attractions in the city. Want to support BIPOC businesses? Check out our guide for supporting Black-owned businesses in Amsterdam.

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Venice, Italy in September for $488 Roundtrip

$488 Roundtrip
Newburgh, New York to Venice, Italy Flight Deal
Photo Credit: Expedia

As the summer season comes to an end, soak in the last of the warm weather in a beautiful destination like Venice, Italy.

It’s an ancient city with artifacts and architecture that dates back hundreds of centuries. A stunning city surrounded by the world’s most fascinating waterways, Venice is a network of 118 islands separated by canals and strung together by bridges.

In the center of Venice is the stunning St. Mark’s Basilica. You will be in awe as it stands like a majestic tower of grace. This should be high up on your itinerary of places to visit. Another must-do activity is riding along the canals on a gondola. It’s a magical experience as you explore the beautiful island.

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If you can get to Newburgh, New York, about an hour and a half from New York City, then you are in luck. Travel to Venice from Newburgh for just $488 on Play Airlines.

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