The illustrious Dubai luxury resort, Atlantis The Royal, and Louis Vuitton have joined forces to celebrate the first anniversary of the world’s most ultra-luxury experiential resort. For the occasion, the world-famous Vivienne, the mascot of Louis Vuitton, has traveled from Paris to Dubai. In Dubai, she will participate in the celebrations and set sail on her most spectacular trip to date.

Vivienne has come a long way since her collectible figurine debut in October 2017. This February, we saw her rebirth as one of six life-size statues surrounding Atlantis The Royal. Each Vivienne statue now has its own story and personality. Standing nearly ten feet tall, the statues were meticulously crafted in Dubai using modern and ancient craftsmanship techniques. Each Vivienne opens doors to fantastical worlds where guests may immerse themselves in an exciting augmented reality experience.

A Fusion of Fashion and Travel

With a tribute to Louis Vuitton’s expertise in luxury travel and its history as designers of exquisite trunks, the six Viviennes portray a carefree figure enjoying the resort on a dream trip. In the opulent lobby lives Jetsetter Vivienne. This sophisticated and worldly character is never seen without their Pharrell Williams X Louis Vuitton sunglasses. Then there’s Roller Vivienne, the playful and curious one who always takes pictures with Droplets.

Atlantis The Royal
Photo credit: Atlantis The Royal

Guests can even glimpse a carefree Sailor Vivienne, who enjoys floating in the resort’s world-famous Skyblaze water and fire fountain. Perfectly blending the digital with the physical, Louis Vuitton and Atlantis The Royal has also created a limited edition collection of 18 trunk stickers. Until May 31, guests will be gifted one collectible sticker for each night’s stay, creating unforgettable memories.

Hanan Eissa, Vice President, Marketing & Public Relations at Atlantis Dubai, said, “The whole idea started with Vivienne, who is essentially an iconic and emblematic mascot for Louis Vuitton. Vivienne embodies liveliness, fun, and all the craftsmanship of the Maison. While Vivienne’s adventures have taken them surfing, flying in a Monogram balloon, and into the world of jewelry, Louis Vuitton never really played with Vivienne on a large scale before, so this is where we started.”

This is the first time that Louis Vuitton has collaborated with a hotel brand. The two share a vision of creating memorable and meaningful customer experiences and a commitment to excellence and sustainability.