Are You A Foodie Heading to Los Angeles? Patronize These 10 Black-Owned Restaurants
Photo Credit: Photo by Venti Views

Photo Credit: Photo by Venti Views

Are You A Foodie Heading to Los Angeles? Patronize These 10 Black-Owned Restaurants

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Spencer Jones
Spencer Jones Feb 14, 2022

If you’re a foodie who is heading to California anytime soon, be sure to patronize these Black-owned restaurants in Los Angeles. The City of Angels is great for all kinds of cuisine, and when it comes to Black-owned restaurants, you won’t have difficulty finding them in abundance. The reason why there’s such an array of Black-owned restaurants in Los Angeles could be explained by history.

According to Thrillist, “LA’s Black-owned food scene reflects the impact of The Great Migration, when millions of Black people left the rural south for cities in the Midwest, West and East coasts, bringing plenty of Creole and Southern flavors with them.” Moreover, Black and brown immigrants from South and Central America, the Caribbean, and Africa, have left a permanent stamp on the Black-owned food scene in cities across The United States.

Grab some grub at these Black-owned restaurants in the city of Los Angeles and Los Angeles County.

1. Fixins

According to the website, this restaurant aims to elevate Black excellence through flavorful cuisine. There’s a location in Sacramento as well.

The menu has the delicacies expected of a soul food restaurant including fried chicken, fried catfish, and smothered pork chops.

Add “fixins” to enhance your entrée including mac and cheese, potato salad, fries and candied yams.




2. Souley Vegan

Founded by chef Tamearra Dyson, Souley Vegan promotes compassionate eating without sacrificing flavor.

Dyson first started creating plant-based meals when she was eighteen, and that passion evolved into a business that has become a soul food empire with a vegan twist.

Take your pick of Hearty Croquettes, Cheezy Creole Pop-ens and Spicy Buffalo Seitan Strips as starters.

Main courses include Jazzn’ Jambalaya, Creole Spaghetti, and New Orleans Okra Gumbo, among many others.

There are Souley Vegan locations in Oakland, San Francisco and Las Vegas.


3. Wi Jammin'

For some tasty Jamaican food, head to this restaurant in West Los Angeles.

They offer daily deals on small plates for $10 each. Choose from jerk chicken, brown stew chicken, and curry chicken.

Other Jamaican staples include ackee and saltfish (typically a breakfast food, but can be enjoyed throughout the day), curry goat, oxtail and patties filled with chicken, beef or vegetables.

Pair your meal with a refreshing bottle of Ting or some sorrel.

Wi Jammin’ offers catering services for special events.


4. Post And Beam


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Post And Beam in Baldwin Hills offer what they call California comfort food.

It’s the creation of chef- owner John Cleveland, restaurateur Brad Johnson, and chef-consultant Govind Armstrong.

According to The Los Angeles Times, “the men spent years building a restaurant by and for their community; a black-owned, operated and envisioned business in a neighborhood that needed and deserved it.”

Enjoy some libations with brunch such as Bloody Mary, Bellini and Mimosa (this can be bottomless if you prefer).




5. Sky's Gourmet Tacos


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Founded by Barbara Burrell, this eatery uses the slogan, “Mexican with a splash of soul.” Some have said that it has the best tacos in Los Angeles, but you can judge that for yourself.

Taco varieties include beef, chicken and turkey, as well as lobster, tilapia and filet mignon. The same fillings can be put in burritos as well.

Enjoy tortas, tostadas and quesadillas, as well as bowls, gourmet salads and an array of delicious desserts.




6. Alta Restaurant


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Alta Restaurant is in West Adams, Los Angeles, and was founded by Chef Keith Corbin.

Enjoy cornbread and honey butter as a starter or as a side, alongside the Alta Fried Chicken, Fried Fish or California Gumbo.

Vegetarian? Peep the smoked tofu with spicy tartar sauce or the “Best Grilled Cheese” sandwich.

There’s a healthy selection of wine and cocktails as well, which can be enjoyed indoors or in the patio area.





7. Little Belize Restaurant

Have you ever had a panade? It’s the Belizean twist on the empanada, and it’s just as savory.

Also on the menu are ducunu (sweet corn tamales), Belizean chicken tamales, and tostadas with a special onion and tomato sauce.

If you have a big appetite, try the fried red snapper, stew beef, and stew chicken. These are served with your choice of rice and beans, potato salad, ducunu or plantains.






8. Berbere

When Ethiopian meets vegan, Berbere on Santa Monica Boulevard is the result. It was founded by Chef T. Alemayehu.

Eater LA praised it as, “a sunny, flavorful star.”

The hearty T and T breakfast burrito will keep you full all day. It consists of scrambled tofu, bulgar, roasted potatoes, and tangfaye sauce.

House specialties include Shiro, tofu ribs, and the ET twist tacos.

Ingredients are locally and ethically sourced.

9. Big Man Bakes


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Founded by Chip “Big Man” Brown, this is a great spot in Los Angeles for cupcakes.

Originally, the founder was working at a hospital and developed a fan base there with his delicious cupcakes. One thing led to the next, and he eventually opened a business.

Take your choice of mini and extra-large cupcakes, available in red velvet, caramel apple, coconut and much more.

The website declares, “prepare your taste buds to be overjoyed!”

10. Honey's Kettle

Honey’s Kettle offers a selection of kettle-fried chicken meals, available with 2, 3, and 4 pieces.

You can combine your chicken with hotcakes, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, maple glazed yams and more.

Honey’s Kettle was founded by Vincent Williams, who has dedicated decades to honing and perfecting “the lost art of kettle-cooking.”



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