In honor of Black History Month, here is a list of some of the best Black-owned vegan restaurants in Los Angeles, California provided by Rank Tribe and Veg Out Mag .

1. Simply Wholesome

Simply Wholesome is located on the Slauson Avenue corridor in Los Angeles and is known for its Caribbean and Soul Food-inspired meals. It also has a health food store stocked with natural supplements and natural hair products. The restaurant cooks up a wide selection of breakfast omelets, burgers, sandwiches, platters, tacos, smoothies, Jamaican patties, and desserts. Their prepackaged vegan crab cakes made of chickpeas and heart of palm are available for purchase to enjoy at home. Simply Wholesome also provides on-site health counseling.

Website : Simply Wholesome

2. Souley Vegan

Website: Souley Vegan

At Souley Vegan, they prepare 100% Vegan Southern style cuisine using locally sourced NON-GMO ingredients. Executive Chef Tamearra Dyson make these flavors come together by using fresh herbs and uniquely blended spices. You can find them located in Oakland, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

3. Alza Vegan/Ethiopian

Website: Alza Vegan/Ethiopian

When all six of Azla’s children transitioned to a vegetarian lifestyle over a decade ago-she began modifying traditional recipes to accomodate their growing health consciousness-without sacrificing flavor and heartiness. Their motto is “It is an honor to feed you.”



4. Rahel Ethiopian Vegan Cuisine

Website:  Rahel Ethiopian Vegan Cuisine

Rahel Ethiopian Vegan Cuisine specializes in stews that could have been on the menu during biblical times: split lentils, chickpeas, zucchini, and string beans, all slow- cooked in spiced sauces that unlock a flavor as savory as that of pot roast. A Rahel combination platter can include nine of these entrées. The feast is best enjoyed by pinching small bites with shreds of injeri bread, its sour tang balancing the sweetness and heat of the vegetables.

5. Swift Cafe

Website: Swift Cafe

Swift was created with the help of a nutritionist to provide healthy options in a community where health issues are a growing concern. They strive to show people that you can get in shape and eat tasty food that is good for you too!

6. Earle's Restaurant

Website: Earle’s on Crenshaw

Whether you first met them at the hot dog cart, Earle’s Weiners, Earle’s Grill, or Earle’s on Crenshaw; The Earle brothers have established themselves as a fixture in the Crenshaw community with a following that extends beyond the greater Los Angeles area. While the business has grown, the clientele has diversified, and offerings expanded, few things have remained constant for over 36 years; their commitment to the empowerment of Black and Brown people, supporting people from the Crenshaw Community, and their hard work and dedication to quality food and superior service.

7. Happy Ice

Website: Happy Ice 

Happy Ice was founded by Lemeir Mitchell, and their motto is “Our mission is to be a driving force of happiness in every community we serve. Striving daily to be a company of purpose by always operating from the heart”.

8. Hot and Cool Cafe

Website: Hot and Cool Cafe

Hot + Cool Cafe, a Los Angeles County-certified social enterprise, is a local Black-owned and family-operated coffee shop in the heart of Leimert Park Village that opened in 2018. Owners Tony Jolly and Tina Amin
intentionally chose Leimert Park as the location for their vegan cafe in what has historically been a food desert
for convenient, healthy food choices in South Central.

9. Jackfruit Cafe

Website: Jackfruit Cafe

Jackfruit Cafe Vegan Soul Food puts a soulful twist on jackfruit using spices from around the world to create 100% plant-based soul food. One bite and you’ll crave thier popular jackfruit  tacos to the house special Jackfruit Soul Bowl.

10. Cafe Ruisseau

Website: Cafe Ruisseau

Cafe Ruisseau is a Black-Owned & Family-Owned coffee shop, that loves serving their communities through excellent drinks, laughs and good vibes! They have two shops located in Santa Monica and Playa Vista.