Yes, flying may be faster. But when you’re not a rush, a ride on Amtrak can be pleasant. Whether your journey is just a few hours, or you’re doing a long haul from coast to coast, it’s the perfect opportunity to relax.

Passengers on board a train going to Florida from Virginia this week were probably hoping for just that. But fate derailed those plans. Quite literally.

According to Business Insider, “passengers were stranded in South Carolina after their train took a detour due to another train derailing. Fresh out of patience, some passengers called the police.”

Journalist Sam Sweeney shared a post on Twitter about the incident.

Everything Seemed Fine At First

Business Insider explained “the train in question left Virginia at 5 PM on Monday, and was supposed to reach Florida by 10 AM.”

But when a freight train crashed into a vehicle in South Carolina, “the Amtrak train was taken off its normal route.”


Things Only Went Downhill From There

The train was stalled in South Carolina, leaving passengers irritated.

ABC News explained, “they had to wait for a certified backup crew to arrive because there are specific crews who can operate Auto Trains. Additionally, safety laws control how many hours train employees are allowed to work. ”

Not only were passengers inconvenienced, but according to Sweeney’s post, dogs weren’t allowed outside to relieve themselves.


Passengers Worried They Were Being Held Against Their Will

In the video Sweeney posted, the conductor tells passengers they aren’t being held hostage.

Presumably, the police investigated after several passengers called them.

The conductor said, “for those of you that are calling the police, we are not holding you hostage. We are giving you all the information which we have. We are sorry about the inconvenience. As soon as more information is available, we will let you know shortly.”

Friends, Family And Others Lit Amtrak Up On Social Media

Amtrak issued a statement, but social media wasn’t having it.

Caitlyn Crowley tagged Amtrak and wrote, “my parents have been stuck on the auto train that left Lorton yesterday around 5pm. Need some answers – food is limited, bathroom facilities are gross, and children/elderly are aboard. They were supposed to arrive almost 12 hours ago!”

A woman with in-laws on board the train said, “Amtrak is reporting that passengers were provided meals and snacks. My elderly in-laws were given 2 oz of dinty Moore stew and stale crackers for lunch. For dinner, they each got a snack size of pretzels and brownie brittle. This is not acceptable!”