Exposing your children to travel at an early age can be beneficial. They see things that books and videos will never be able to teach them. Additionally, it teaches them to be more compassionate global citizens and to accept other cultures and traditions.

While some feel that traveling with kids is difficult, these Black families are showing us otherwise. Check out these 6 traveling families and draw a little inspiration for your next family vacation.

The Mayberry Family


The Mayberrys travel the world full-time, raising their two boys as global citizens. Together, the family has traveled to international destinations such as Malta, Malaysia, Greece, Spain, Mexico, Portugal, Indonesia, and Thailand. They always document their adventures on their YouTube channel, encouraging families with children to see the world.

The Hambrick Family


The Hambrick Family shares their experiences and tips to make travel affordable and easier with little ones. The South Florida-based family’s motto is “If kids live there, kids can visit.” Together, they have traveled to countries like Kenya, Brazil, Australia, Belgium, Spain, Cuba, Barbados, Morocco, the Netherlands, and many more. The Hambricks offer itineraries complete with suggested activities and attractions to help you have a fun, kid-friendly family vacation in various U.S. cities and abroad.

The Smith Family


The Smiths are a Canada-based family of five. They’ve enjoyed international vacations including Morocco, Austria, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Portugal, Hungary, Italy, Budapest, Greece and more. Last year, however, the Smiths spent more time enjoying the beauty in their own backyard, exploring the Western Canadian territories of Alberta and British Columbia.

The Taylor Family


The Taylors are a traveling mother and son duo. Mom, TeAndra, says one of the reasons she chooses to travel with her son, Carson, is “to show him that as a black male, he belongs ANYWHERE!” TeAndra started traveling with Carson when he was just four months old. Since then, they’ve traveled to 23 States, 14 countries, and 4 continents, including trips to Cuba, Belize, Indonesia, Singapore, Italy, Jamaica, and the U.K.

The Noel Family


Hailing from Louisiana, the Noels are a family of six, sometimes seven, which has traveled all over the United States— 35 states to be exact. “Sometimes we have no real destination.” They hope to inspire others to get out and see the world, even if only in their own backyard. Visit the Noel’s website for U.S. travel destination ideas and tips.

The Miller Family


The Millers, also known as the Non Rev Family, provide family-friendly travel inspo and itineraries. They have traveled to Costa Rica, France, China, Singapore, Brazil, French Polynesia, Italy, Australia, and more. The Non Rev Family documents their travels as they explore the world flying for free on a standby basis.