5 Wellness Supplements To Help You Remain 'That Girl' While On The Go
Photo Credit: Nicolas Solerieu

Photo Credit: Nicolas Solerieu

5 Wellness Supplements To Help You Remain 'That Girl' While On The Go

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Kelsey Marie
Kelsey Marie Jan 19, 2023

One of the things we don’t often talk about when traveling is how exhausting it can be. From planning the trip, finding the most cost-effective flights and accommodations, and putting together an itinerary—the experience can be overwhelming. The weeks leading up to your anticipated trip can be anything but exciting. 

Oftentimes our days are filled with making sure everything is done at work before taking time off, ensuring the house is clean, and fitting all of our appointments in (I.e., hair, nails, and waxing.) By the time the day comes to go on our trip, we’re already mentally and physically fatigued. Not to mention having to pack, commute, and spend a few days or weeks out of our routine. 

Besides getting much rest, hydration, and deep breaths, supplements are essential for combating fatigue and feeling our best before, during, and after travel. Here are the wellness supplements you need to stay ‘that girl’ while on the go. 

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1. Magnesium

Often slept on, magnesium is great for calming anxiety, regulating your bowel while traveling, getting great sleep, and more. 

There are two types of magnesium: glycinate and citrate. Magnesium glycinate is great for helping you relax and fall asleep in new environments, a.k.a. your hotel, while traveling. Magnesium citrate helps keep your bowels moving, especially when we’re out of our daily routines due to travel. 

Magnesium tip: Start with small amounts and work your way up, or you’ll find yourself in the bathroom more often than you’d like. 

2. Arrae Bloat

Raise your hand if you’re an emotional eater. Travel stress can often lead to emotional eating, which leads to bloating. When in a new destination, we often eat things that we usually wouldn’t when at home, like our body weight in croissants when in Paris or loads of Paella when in Madrid. As a result, our digestive systems feel out of whack, and we end up feeling bloated and stuffed. If you want to avoid bloat while abroad, taking a supplement to optimize digestion is ideal. 

We love Arrae Bloat, an all-natural, clinically-tested supplement that eliminates belly bloat, soothing stomach discomfort and optimizing digestion in under an hour. 

3. Vitamin C

According to an American Psychological Association report, stress can lead to a weakened immune system response. To ensure you don’t get sick while traveling, stock up on Vitamin C. Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling found that between 4000mg and 14,000mg of Vitamin C a day can help combat colds. Taking lower doses daily can help prevent infection. 

Vitamin C tip: Taking over 2,000 mg of Vitamin C a day may cause bloating and discomfort. Everyone’s bodies are different, so it’s important to test what’s best for your body. 

4. Melatonin

Our bodies naturally produce this hormone during the sleep process. Melatonin is released by the pineal gland every 24 hours during our normal routine. However, if you’re out of routine, taking a melatonin supplement could be helpful, especially when on a long flight. Traveling to a different time zone can interfere with our internal clocks, so taking between 3-6 mg of melatonin an hour before going to bed works wonders. 

Play it by ear and if you find yourself falling asleep easier throughout your trip, take a lower dosage of the supplement. 

5. Probiotics

If probiotics aren’t a part of your daily wellness routine, you should start taking them ASAP! 

When traveling, your body is exposed to microbes that you wouldn’t normally be exposed to at home. Probiotics help keep our systems regular and help to prevent diarrhea when traveling. All you have to do is take 1-2 capsules with food daily during your trip. If you’ve never taken probiotics, start by taking them at least two weeks before traveling. This helps to optimize our gut and immunity. 

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