The thought of travel day can stress even the most seasoned travelers. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Create the atmosphere for a pleasant flight with these five easy tips.

You get to the airport just in time for the agent to tell you it’s too late for you to check your luggage. Standing in the long line at security, you keep checking the time, sure you’re going to miss your flight. Running to your gate as fast as you can, one of those big service buggies with just the driver on it cruises on by you.

You get to the gate and show your boarding pass only to be told your luggage won’t fit and will need to be checked at the end of the gate. There you stand in the causeway, dripping sweat, waiting to board the plane. You know in your gut your luggage isn’t going to make it to the baggage claim for days after you arrive. You’re supposed to be on a relaxing vacation. Instead, you are already planning a vacation from your vacation.

These five tips can help you have a more pleasant flight. Sometimes, though, things happen. Even though it isn’t on this list, being positive always helps create a more relaxing flight. Remember, the tone of your adventure is set by you!

Check in From Home


Use your airline’s app and check in online up to 24 hours before take-off. You will have to stop at the kiosk at least an hour before boarding if you have luggage to check.

Utilize Airline Clubs


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Arrive to the airport extra early and indulge in your airline’s flight club. Most major airlines have a club that you can pay a one time fee to access the day of your flight. Expect snacks, comfy chairs, and plenty of places to plug in at these clubs. Many even offer meeting rooms.

Eat Edibles or Take Melatonin

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Does flying completely stress you out? Try taking some melatonin. Or, if you’re in a legal state, a THC edible to help you relax before even arriving at the airport.

Have a Playlist on Deck

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Make a playlist of songs you love ahead of time and download it. You can have songs playing from the time you sit in your seat until it’s time to unload at your destination.

Fly Business or First Class


To guarantee a pleasant flight, book business class seats. Beat some of the line at TSA. Access some of the airline clubs for free entry with your first class ticket. Enjoy the extra leg room and drinks before take off. And, feel relaxed knowing that your luggage will be the first off the plane.

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