Millennials Are Exhausted From Planning Vacations
Photo Credit: @olueletu|

Photo Credit: @olueletu|

Millennials Are Exhausted From Planning Vacations

DeAnna Taylor
DeAnna Taylor Mar 14, 2019

Do you spend hours upon hours trying to find the right spot for your next vacation? Are you scrolling from site to site trying to get your next trip just right? Does it stress you out beyond explanation? Well, you aren’t alone.

According to a study done by Hotels.commillennial travelers in North America are over the task of having to research for their vacations.

On average, they are spending around 40 hours trying to plan but then get bored in just under an hour of doing so. The term to describe this feeling is “net lag” or “scroll fatigue.” In other words, we’re tired boss. We want to be able to travel without all the extra work that comes along with it.

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The study also found that 42 percent of travelers admit that planning and research are their biggest stressors in the whole process. It has become so bad that 33 percent of people end up booking the wrong trip. Yikes!

If those numbers are surprising, over 50 percent end up booking vacations to places they have already been to avoid the hassle of researching a new destination. Additionally, just over 40 percent are willing to pay more money to avoid having to do the work.

The most relatable statistics from the study come from those who use their time at work to plan their trips. 4 in 10 people are vacay planning while on the clock. Of course, this affects productivity. It was found that 30 percent of those planning at work are getting less work done in the day. It definitely makes sense.

Luckily, there are outside resources to help eliminate this stress. You can solicit the help of a travel agent or even a friend who simply loves planning.

When it comes to planning your vacations, what do you do? Whatever it is, don’t stress yourself out trying to do it.

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