Our labor of love to find the some of the best Black private chefs has now taken us out to the wild wild west!  The West Coast offers so many varying styles of food and drink, from California Alfresco and Wine Country to loads of fusion concepts.  Paired with the traditions of the African Diaspora, these West Coast chefs blend the best of both worlds to create their own distinctively flavorful styles.  Be sure to check out a pop-up, book a private chef for your vacation, or throw the event of a lifetime with any number of these talented artists.


Ayo Cherry

Los Angeles, CA

@chefayo | Instagram


A native Floridian, Chef Ayo fuses her 10+ years of professional experience in the restaurant industry with a blend of cuisines influenced by Black American, Spanish, and Asian cultures. Her dining experiences as easily recognizable due to her high-end style of plating, amazingly unexpected flavor combinations, and beautifully executed event designs. Chef Ayo is available for private chef services, travel, and intimate events.  



Rosecleer Marie

Marina Del Ray, CA

@chefrosecleermarie | Instagram


A chef by trade and artist by heart, Chef Rose is known for her beautiful execution of any cuisine she’s tasked with. Whether you’re experiencing her food from the comfort of your home or the luxury of a yacht, you’re sure to walk away with a profoundly immaculate experience that blends colorful seasonal ingredients with classical technique. Book Chef Rose for private chef services, travel, intimate events, and yachting.  


Jenné Claiborne

Los Angeles, CA

@sweetpotatosoul | Instagram


Chef, cookbook author, and YouTuber Jenné Claiborne is one of the hottest vegan chefs in the culture right now.  Known for her use of deep, smoky flavors, Chef Jenné inserts soul into all of her dishes. A true vegan, this chef takes plant-based cuisine to new levels beyond health. Her execution, devotion to flavor, and sustainable approach to food make her experiences one-a-kind. Chef Jenné is available for vegan personal chef services, health and wellness coaching, and cooking classes.


Lauren Von Der Pool

Los Angeles, CA

@queenofgreen | Instagram


“Eating yourself sexy,” coined by vegan Chef and cookbook author Lauren Von Der Pool is not just a phrase but a way of life for her and her clients. Famed for her work with Venus and Serena Williams, this chef creates beautiful pieces of edible art that are all plant-based.  Her mastery of plant-based, raw, and alkaline cuisines make her skillset unparalleled. Book Chef Lauren for vegan private chef services, intimate events, catering, and pop-ups. You can book her food truck Food Art by Lauren for events as well.


Chandtelle Morgan

San Diego, CA

@buttercreamcp | Instagram


Fresh off of her team win on Netflix’s Sugar Rush, this SoCal pastry chef is known for her flawless baking skills. From mini bundt cakes and cupcakes to custom designed layered and wedding cakes, Chef Chandtelle proves that anything is possible when it comes to desserts. Available by appointment only, get your orders in early for custom cakes, cupcakes, bundt cakes, and specialty cookies.



Vanessa Parrish

Los Angeles, CA

@pinchofbrownsugar | Instagram


Chef Vanessa, a pastry chef and host of Tasty’s “Tasting Our Roots,” specializes in creating custom baked good for any and all occasions. Known for her ability to mix traditional flavor combinations with unique applications, she’s LA’s go-to-girl for custom cookie creations.  Chef Vanessa is available for private catering, classes, pop-ups, and demonstrations. You can also order a batch of her custom cookies shipped directly to you online!



Danielle Soto

San Diego, CA

©Flavor Integrations


Owner of SoCal based Flavor Integrations, Chef Danielle is renowned for her cupcakes, catering, and event planning. Her green tea cupcakes are a fan favorite amongst her adoring clients! Her close attention to detail along with her knowledge of specialty diets, allergies, and intolerances make her the perfect fit personal chef services, catering, and events.  


Terry Braggs

Oakland, CA

@chefbraggs | Instagram


This well-rounded Bay Area chef is known for his flawless execution and ability to truly connect with his clients. Chef Braggs easily turns his clients into fans by adding subtle twists to classic dishes focusing on taste rather than alters. Book this charismatic chef for cooking classes and demonstrations, private chef services, dinner parties, and more.  



Michelle Rabelo

Beaverton, OR

@cc_rethinkfood | Instagram


Chef Michelle, owner and executive chef of Taste + Color, is a pure personal chef.  Her clients rave about her close attention to detail as well as her abilities to be a total food solution. She does not only provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner but also her amazing handmade snacks such as popsicles, granola, and energy bites. Book Chef Michelle for personal and private chef services that are completely customizable for your unique needs and situations.


Lamont Perriman

Oakland, CA

@chefmontperi | Instagram


As the owner and executive chef of Montperi Catering & Events, Chef Lamont services clients all over California with his unique blend of Southern technique and wine country cuisine. His experiences are marked by colorful, seasonal and fresh dishes paired with his distinctive Napa Valley influenced aesthetic.  Chef Lamont and his team are available for catering, events, event production, and a bevy of specialty vip services.



Solomon Johnson

San Francisco -Oakland- Napa Valley, CA

@chef_swoop | Instagram


The “bad boy of the Bay,” Chef Solomon is a food personality, restaurant consultant, and culinary instructor while still maintaining an active career in the industry. Known for his cannabis infusions as well as his flawless execution, he embodies the edginess of the San Francisco food scene.  He’s available for private and personal chef services, restaurant consultations, and pop-ups through his business Omni World Kitchen.


Tarik Abdullah

Seattle, WA

@tarik.abdullah | Instagram


The Seattle based DJ and executive chef of Midnight Mecca, Chef Tarik blends his multi-cultural Muslim upbringing with with the traditional cuisines and techniques of Northern Africa and the Mediterranean.  He is widely known in Seattle for his collaborations and community efforts. Chef Tarik is available for private chef services, culinary instruction, and his famed pop-up concepts.


Matt Horne

Oakland – Bay Area, CA

@hornbarbecue | Instagram


Chef Matt of Horne BBQ is a chef, expert pitmaster, and hobbyist food photographer. Renowned for his whole hog suppers, handmade sauces, and ability to execute a variety of BBQ styles. With signature flavors from his use of local California white oak, rich desserts, and distinctive sides, it’s no wonder his fire driven events are some of the hottest tickets on Feastly. Chef Matt and the team at Horn BBQ are available for private events, pop-ups, catering, and cooking classes.