Having a personal chef while you travel is a luxury but it’s no longer reserved for only the wealthy! In fact, it’s one of the best ways to experience a new culture because you’re getting it directly from one of the best sources. Your chef will not only be able to cook an amazing meal, but they’re also a great source for information on your destination, local events, and fun things that only locals would know. Keep these tips in mind and you’re guaranteed to be on your way to having a one-of-a-kind food experience in any country.


Know what a personal chef does and does not do.

A personal chef has many different clients that they prepare food for in-home. Services can vary from packaged meal prep to catering dinner parties to brunches. They are responsible for developing your menu, shopping and procuring groceries, cooking, serving and clean up. The luxury of having a personal chef is that they are an all-around food solution, and many chefs offer basic grocery shopping and kitchen stocking for an additional fee.


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Look beyond social media.

You absolutely can start your search on social media, but you do need to go beyond that.  It’s 2018, and “catfishing” happens to even the best of us! Check through their website and information to see their style of food and if it’s attractive to you and your guests before booking, and use websites like Yelp recommendations. Don’t be afraid to ask for a resume, client references, sample menus and health certifications. You’re hiring a person for a great job so be sure to treat it that way.


Discuss money upfront.

Expect pricing for your travel chef to be higher than what you would pay at a restaurant.  After all, the luxury is having the “restaurant” experience come to you. Let your chef know your budget right away as this saves everyone time, and you can comparison shop service providers. Typically, you will pay the chef for services, food costs and any rentals. While gratuity is optional in many countries a 20% tip for going above and beyond is a wonderful way to show your appreciation.



Know the rules of your vacation rental.

When staying in vacation homes, there are always house rules. Many homeowners do not allow events, parties or additional guests. Some do not allow personal chef services or providers who are not on their recommended list. Be sure you thoroughly read all house rules, and it’s always a safe idea to make strict homeowners aware of your plans prior to paying your chef’s deposit.   


Work with your chef to create an amazing menu!

A personal chef experience can be completely customized to your preferences and tastes. Let them know if you or anyone in your party has allergies or major dislikes. It’s all good when we know these things ahead of time! Make your chef aware that you’re traveling abroad and that you’re interested in an authentic experience. The more communication, the better.