12 Decades in South Africa is a unique accommodation that just so happens to be Black-owned. It celebrates both the art and history of Johannesburg between 1886 and 2006. The rooms are designed and conceptualized by some of South Africa’s most celebrated artists and designers.

Each room at the Johannesburg hotel represents a significant period in the city’s colorful history.

Some themes include the “Vision Main Street Life” room, designed by Marcus Neustetter and Jonathan Liebmann.

It’s all about the beginning of Johannesburg and what it could be.  The room focuses on the years 1886 to 1896 and the design summarizes the artist’s reflection and the developer’s vision in understanding the historic and contemporary relevance toward a pursuit for the future for South Africa.

The “Sir Abe Bailey” room focuses years 1896 to 1906. Designed by Prospero and Anna Bailey, the room focuses on the era of the great “Randlords” in Johannesburg.

What’s cool about this room is that it is designed by the grandson of Sir Abe Bailey, one of the wealthiest Randlord. The room falls in line with the sort of furnishings that an early Rand Club would have offered a successful young bachelor on his way up in the finance world, according to staff.


The “Perpetual Liberty” room design focuses on the decade between 1996 and 2006.  Designed by Enrico Daffonchio, the room focuses primarily on the stages of setting up and understanding a new democracy.

According to hotel staff, the division of the room into three distinct parts creates the journey from the past, through the present toward the future. The room moves from dark rigid structures of the seating area toward the light and the incredible view. The space is not intended as a destination, but merely a starting point for the future.


Designed and owned by Bheki Dube, the hotel is a part of the Curiocity Hotel Brand. For more information about Dube and the Curiocity brand, read our previous article about the founder.

For more information about 12 Decades Johannesburg Art Hotel, visit the website here.