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Billboard In New York City’s Times Square Celebrates South Africa’s Freedom Day

There’s a new digital billboard in New York City’s Times Square that celebrates South Africa’s...

Maggie J. Apr 27, 2022
Johannesburg Hotel Becomes First African Business To Use Robots As Staff

Johannesburg, South Africa’s Hotel Sky Sandton has become the first establishment on the...

Ayah A. Apr 6, 2021
The Black Expat: What's It Like For This Chicago Native During The 21-Day Lockdown In South Africa

April Pope is a Chicago native who spent a decade in NYC working in the music industry. After...

Kelsey Marie Apr 13, 2020
The Tallest Building In Africa Will Open This Year And Was Designed By A Team Of Women

By the end of 2019, the financial center of Johannesburg, known as Sandton, will be home to the...

Kelsey Marie Oct 15, 2019
5 Coffee Shops In Johannesburg, South Africa That Are Perfect For The Digital Nomad

We now live in a world where walking into a coffee shop on a random Tuesday at, let’s say 2 p.m.,...

Kelsey Marie Jun 4, 2019
Best African Cities For Black Singles

With 2019 marking 400 years since the ‘Year of Return,’ many Black people are making the trip to...

DeAnna Taylor Apr 1, 2019