11 Private Chefs In The Northeast You Should Know
Photo Credit: Chef Renee Blackman @chefreneeblackman | Instagram

Photo Credit: Chef Renee Blackman @chefreneeblackman | Instagram

11 Private Chefs In The Northeast You Should Know

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Chef Amanda Jackson
Chef Amanda Jackson Sep 10, 2018

We’ve been scouring America for the best Black private and personal chefs in the business, and our search has finally brought us to the Northeast. From the DMV to New York City, these chefs have been influenced by the diversity of their respective cities. The African diaspora has spurred many variations and fusions of cuisine that these chefs are delivering up as palatable expressions of art. On your next trip up North, be sure to catch a pop-up event or book one of these talented chefs for the experience of a lifetime.


Damian Brown

District of Columbia – Maryland – Virginia

Banana Pudding Chicken & Waffles
@kissthech3f | Instagram


Leader of The Uncaged Chefs and once the youngest executive chef in D.C., Damian Brown is one of the DMV’s top private chefs. His over-the -op flavor combinations and exquisite plate-ups make this chef an IG fave. Book Chef Damian and his team for catered events, private chef services, and intimate events.


Kristal Kirkland

New York City – New Jersey  

Chef Kristal
@ksoulsservices | Instagram


Owner and Executive Chef of K-Souls, a personal chef service, Chef Kristal believes that every meal should taste as if the chef put their entire heart and soul into their fare. Loved by her clients for her heartwarming service and flavorful dishes, she specializes in American comfort foods and can execute a wide array of cuisines. Book Chef Kristal for in-home cooking classes, brunch and dinner parties, corporate services, and more.


Abyssinia Campbell

New York City – New Jersey

BBQ Grilled Chicken
@chefabyssinia | Instagram


Chef Abyssinia is not only a trained chef in culinary arts. She has certifications in pastry arts as well as wines. With a wide array of culinary knowledge, Chef Abyssinia specializes in creating healthy alternatives that benefit her clients. She is available for dinner parties, catered events, and meal prep.


Brianna Green

Philadelphia, PA

Chef Brianna(left), Chef Chantelle (right)
@thefancycrumb | Instagram


Fresh off of her win on Netflix’s Sugar Rush with baking partner Chef Chantelle (from our West Coast list!), Chef Brianna creates more than #blackgirlmagic chocolate sculptures. The pastry chef specializes in high-end custom cakes for weddings and events. Renowned for her chocolate sculptures and her use of vivid coloring, Chef Brianna’s cakes are the talk and taste of Philly. Chef Brianna is available by appointment only for cakes and custom painted cookies.


Tonia Renae

Philadelphia, PA

Sliced Filet, Arugula, Butternut Squash, Beets, Homemade Chipotle Chile Dressing
@cheftoniarenae | Instagram


Private chef and owner of Bless Supper Club, Chef Tonia’s work is noted for her use of fresh seasonal ingredients and her playful use of color. Her menu items feature fare from the American South to eastern Asia. Book Chef Tonia for private chef services, intimate events, and in-home cooking lessons.


Lauren Williams

District of Columbia – Maryland – Virginia

Chef Lauren
@primetaste | Instagram


This former football player turned chef creates soulful yet sinful dishes for his adoring clients. Chef Lauren specializes in various types of cuisines with a focus on accessible dishes kicked up by his techniques in plating and unique perspective. Chef Lauren is available for cooking lessons, meal prep, and private chef services.


Dash Mason

District of Columbia – Maryland – Virginia

Curry-Bacon Seafood Chowder
@adashofthis | Instagram


Personal chef to some of your favorites celebs from the Love and Hip Hop franchises, Chef Dash specializes in fusing traditional flavors of the islands with the American South. His clients keep coming back for his famous Cheesesteak Eggrolls! Chef Dash is available for events and catering, private chef services, and pop-ups.


Renee Blackman

New York City

Chef Renee
@chefreneeblackman | Instagram


Chef Renee combines art and food in a way that is uniquely representative of her upbringing in Barbados. Her exquisite plating technique and eye for design set her apart from the crowd of chefs in The Big Apple. Book Chef Renee for private and personal chef services, intimate events, corporate services, and much much more.


Serge Pambo

Silver Spring, MD – Washington, D.C.

©Serge Pambo


A classically French-trained chef, Serge is renowned for his creatively modern approach to fusion French fare. His unparalleled eye for detail comes from his years cooking in Michelin-starred and James Beard award-winning kitchens. Book Chef Serge through his company, Pure Kitchen Culinary Concept, for private and personal chef services, cooking classes, wine seminars, and catering.


Jahvel Fraser

New York City

Chef Jahvel
@fatmemoirs | Instagram


This Queens, New York native is new on the private chef scene after years of grinding in one of the food industry’s toughest cities. Chef Jahvel continuously wows his clients and their guests with his unique food perspective where he fuses the flavors of Jamaica, Queens with the multifaceted cuisines of the NYC melting pot. Chef Jahvel is available for booking personal and private chef services, cooking classes, and pop-up events.  


Eric Marshall

Washington D.C.

Sous Vide Duck Breast
@chef_emarshall | Instagram


Chef Eric is not at all your typical private chef.  He’s self-taught and has apprenticed with many of the best chefs in the business. A pure student of culinary artistry, Chef Eric’s approach to food is luxurious, technical, and intricately detailed.  Book Chef Eric personal and private chef services, intimate events, cooking classes, and pop-up events.










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