Flight travel is back and current figures that show the increasing number of people flying confirms this trend. Amid the problems caused by unruly passengers that have been highlighted over the past months, other annoying experiences on flights are also returning, unfortunately.

People who travel frequently must have already passed through several unpleasant situations. The behavior of other passengers can definitely influence the entire travel experience. We never know who is going to be next, behind, or in front of us on the flight.

In fact, having to deal with people that exhale body odor, screaming children, and other annoying behaviors are not easy tasks, especially when we have to face a long-distance flight. Only Wander Lust, a travel site, surveyed over 1500 airline passengers and asked what’s the most annoying problem they faced when they are flying. The survey was published in February 2022.

According to the survey, traveling with a passenger behind you kicking the seat leads the list with 9% of those who answered the survey about the most annoying behaviors on flights. Passengers with bad odor came in second and loud passengers ranked third.  Disturbance on flights provided by passengers who refuse to wear facemasks ranked number nine.
Read below the to learn about the most annoying experiences on flights according to passengers in the US:

1. The Kicker

This is the problem that irritates passengers the most, according to research. You can spend the entire flight in constant turmoil with the back row passenger kicking the seat. Children are most often accused of having this behavior. But there are also many adults with similar behavior.

2. The Stinker

‘Smelly’ passengers are the second most annoying situation, according to the survey. Sitting next to a person who has serious problems with hygiene makes travel extremely painful. Sometimes, it can get serious. As Travel Noire reported in 2019, a family from Michigan was kicked off plane after passengers complain about ‘intense body odor’.

3. The Loud

Passengers who love to talk loud during the flights or those who listen to music at high volume, even with headphones on, ranked as the third most annoying behaviors on flights. Passengers who like to share their whole life for hours or those who listen to music too loud, disturb those who want to read or sleep and make the travel even more unpleasant.

4. The Leaner

You are reading a book or wanting to relax during the flight and suddenly the passenger who is behind you reclines their seat. For many passengers this situation is extremely annoying and that’s why it ranked number four on the list.

5. The Intoxicated Flyer

Since last year, some US airlines are bringing back the sale of alcoholic beverages on board. For some passengers who have problems drinking in moderation, this benefit can turn into a nightmare during the flight. Not to mention the fact that sometimes some passengers can embark intoxicated creating some disturbances and annoying other passengers.

6. The Noisy Child

We understand that traveling with children is not easy. If it’s a long flight, it can get even worse. However,  other passengers on board are not required to spend hours and hours listening to anyone’s child cry, scream and run through the aisles of the plane as if they were in the living room at home.  Unfortunately, we notice that their parents just pretend it’s their duty to control their children. The tip is to ask parents, kindly, to control their children.

7. The Recliner

Everyone loves the possibility of being able to recline the seat a little, but at mealtimes, some people forget to be polite and don’t return the seat to the take-off position so that the person behind the annoying passenger can eat suitably.

8. The Scented

Smelly passengers can be very annoying as mentioned above. However, a passenger who wears strong perfume or cologne can also be irritating. 

9. Unmasked

TikTokA passenger who refuses to comply with safety measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is a new category related to annoying situations caused by unruly travelers, which can be seen in many flights across the country. The most recent incident happened in early April 2022, when an unruly female passenger refused to wear mask on a Southwest flight and compared herself to Rosa Parks.

10. Loud snoring passenger

So you had the misfortune to sit next to that passenger who snores loudly, disturbing your sleep and your inner peace. In this case, hope the flight has seats available for you to change seats. Otherwise, try to bear this irritating situation. But avoid waking the snoring passenger. It can make things even worse.

In 2015, a woman was removed from a Southwest Airlines plane at a Chicago airport after allegedly “poking” a seatmate with a pen to try and stop his snoring, ABC News reported.