A company retreat goes all bad when their chartered yacht catches fire off the coast of Miami Beach. The group was just hanging out 30 feet away from the Miami Beach Marina when the boat caught a blaze in the afternoon.

Everybody Jump

As the passengers caught wind of the fire they jumped off the boat one by one into Biscayne Bay. The boat was in flames and huge clouds of smoke started to crowd the sky.

Fortunately, help was nearby and were able to get everyone off the boat in time. Firefighters showed up later and put out the flames with foam. There were no injuries of any kind, however the yacht suffered substantial damage.

Tourist Captain Floats Them To Safety

When the fire started no one realized how severe it was.

“I thought they were kidding at first but then I realized this is how we are getting off this boat,” passenger Jamie Maloney.

“There was the captain of the tourist boat and he is saying jump to my boat now,” a passenger from Serbia said. “We don’t see the whole back of the boat on fire.”

“We are very lucky, our captain was amazing,” Maloney added. “It’s due to him, the captain saved most of our belongings.”