The luxurious Langham Hotel is so astoundingly beautiful, no one would suspect it houses one of the world’s most haunted hotel rooms. The meticulously designed hotel was built over a span of two years. It was started in 1863 and completed in 1865. The Prince of Wales came to the opening of one of London’s largest hotels, to date.

It was one of the most modern hotels of its time, with “its one-of-a-kind indulgences. Electric lights, hydraulic lifts, air conditioning, and other extraordinary innovations revolutionized the luxury hotel experience. No surprise that it was also the favored venue for royalty, artists, and musicians from around the world, ” the hotel’s history tab states. Langham Hotel drew the likes of Oscar Wilde, Napoleon III and Princess Diana; just a few of its famous guests.

It was used during World War II as a post and a first aid station before being too damaged to keep open.

The BBC purchased and reopened the building in the 1950’s. They leased a portion of it out, used parts for broadcasting and for housing for its employees and guests.

Around this time is when things started changing and people began seeing and feeling strange things. There were reports of at least five different ghosts in the building.

Valli_Photography, Pixabay

A WWII soldier has often been seen, walking through walls on his way to jump out of a window, as he did so many years before. Over and over, people would see him take the old halls on his way to the plunge below.

Napoleon III is also known to make a ghostly presence at the hotel. He was well known around the hotel, as he spent much of his exile from France at the Langham.

This is just the hotel itself. The things that happen on the third floor, and specifically in Room 333 are even more disturbing.

According to hotel legend, an older Victorian Doctor, with gray hair came to the hotel with his new wife. Celebrating their wedding night, they were booked into Room 333. Sometime before check out, the Doctor killed his wife in the room, before killing himself there as well.

thefontbandit, Pixabay

When the BBC took over, a newscaster woke up in his room. Room 333. He saw a ball of light that slowly turned into an almost complete human form, minus the calves and feet. The reporter asked the entity what it wanted but instead of replying, it just reached it’s arms out and moved slowly toward the reporter. He ran to another room to get a co-worker and begged him to come and see. He complied and when they got back to the room, the ghost was still there. Slowly fading, but still there.

Even the YouTubers Sam and Colby tried their luck in the most haunted hotel room in England. They felt movement on the bed, got some really wild readings, heard noises and received a phantom phone call at 3:33 a.m. The guys were gone before 4 a.m.

October is the most popular month to visit because of Halloween, but also because this is when the most otherworldly activity is reported. Room 333 is not usually rented out to guests, but if you ask nicely they will open the doors and let you try to stay the night. Not many have and it is now wonder why. Room 333 at the Langham Hotel might just be the most haunted hotel room in the world.