Woman Who Traveled To Turkey For Veneers  Shares Her Experience
Photo Credit: Photo by Thaís Sarmento

Photo Credit: Photo by Thaís Sarmento

Woman Who Traveled To Turkey For Veneers Shares Her Experience

Spencer Jones
Spencer Jones Mar 2, 2022

From veneers to breast implants, some will travel to get cosmetic procedures done, usually at a fraction of what they would have paid at home. One such person, beauty influencer Jade Pritchard, went to Turkey to get veneers. She shared her experience on social media.

All in all, she was pleased with the end result, which left her with the coveted pearly whites. But it came with a lot of pain, and for some considering the same procedure, it’s a cautionary tale.

Pritchard connected with her followers in a Tik Tok video, which amassed over 1.3 million views. The procedure came out to $42,639, and the anesthesia so weakened the muscles of her jaw that her ability to smile and speak properly was compromised. Laughing and eating solid foods were also out of the question, and the only thing she could consume was soup.

“Before anyone thinks of flying to Turkey to get their teeth done, here’s a little insight of what happens,” Pritchard’s caption read, accompanied by crying laughing faces and a tooth emoji. While sharing footage of her natural teeth alongside the veneers, she managed to say, “I can’t talk or smile. I can’t even laugh.”

While there are far worse cosmetic surgery stories, some of which resulted in death, Pritchard’s experience sparked a broader discussion on the price one pays for beauty. Whether it’s truly worth the agony and potential complications depends on who you ask. Some people feel insecure about having crooked or discolored teeth, and consider straight, white ones ideal. And for those who work in the beauty industry, especially women, the pressure to be “perfect” is acutely felt.

The opinion on Pritchard’s procedure varied. Some thought the veneers looked fantastic, while others questioned the wisdom of getting them at the young age of thirty.

“Why do people do this?” one person asked. “They’re not permanent and will need redoing again in 10 years time.”

“That’s so sad to see,” said a second, who added a sad face.

A third person commented from a medical standpoint. “Especially if the nerve is still alive and they haven’t had any RCT (root canal treatment) on them? You’ll forever have problems with them.”

What are your thoughts, Travel Noire readers? Would you risk complications for a sparkling, Hollywood smile?

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