Woman Sublets A Room In Her House On Air BnB And Catches Hell From Disrespectful Squatter
Photo Credit: pexels-shvets-production-7203820

Photo Credit: pexels-shvets-production-7203820

Woman Sublets A Room In Her House On Air BnB And Catches Hell From Disrespectful Squatter

Spencer Jones
Spencer Jones Jun 15, 2022

It seems like there is always a new Air B n B story to add to an already wild collection. This incident involved an unidentified owner who decided to sublet a room in her house to make extra money for her mortgage. She had every reason to believe that things would go smoothly until they didn’t.

The owner vented her frustrations in a video online, while the squatter breezed through the rooms like she owned the place. The squatter was supposed to check out three days before the owner returned, but had no such intention.

The owner said it was her housekeeper who told her the squatter was still in the house. The squatter appeared several times in the video, her face blurred, completely unperturbed by the justifiably furious owner.

“I ain’t going nowhere, so deal with it!” the squatter said, as she walked into the kitchen and opened a cupboard.

“On top of her a** just intruding into my mother f*****g home, she disrespectful, you know what I’m sayin’?” The owner said on camera. “I been trying to do this s**t the right way. I got all the paperwork to get her a** evicted.”

But the owner found herself frustrated by the legal protocol. She went on to explain that the police had just left her house, but there wasn’t much they could do, since the squatter was effectively a tenant.

“Don’t come to my door,” the squatter warned in the background. “That’s all I know!”

In yet another act of disrespect, the squatter slammed a door in the owner’s face. The owner took a deep breath to center herself before walking away.

The squatter reiterated that she wouldn’t be leaving, and told the owner she could record all she wanted. But the most audacious part of all was yet to come.

The squatter walked into the dining area and proceeded to smoke, which wasn’t allowed. She warned the owner not to touch “her” bedroom door unless she wanted the cops called on her. The owner approached the squatter again and the video ended, leaving viewers to wonder what happened next.

It’s a cautionary tale for those who open their homes to strangers on Air B n B or any other platform. Most stays go well, but there’s always a risk when dealing with strangers. The squatter who overstayed her welcome likely knew she would be protected by squatter’s rights, and unfortunately, she took full advantage of that.

Air B n B has yet to issue a statement.

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