An Australian woman wearing her sex toy at the United Arab Emirates airport was stopped by security. Authorities detained the young woman only to find out she was wearing a toy with her boyfriend’s ashes inside.

Alarms Go Off

Sarah Button, a law student in Australia was about to board her flight when her butt plug set off the security alarms. She was wearing it in her deceased lover’s “favorite place.”

“They took me and my friend aside without much explanation,” she said, then stating she was forced to call her father to get help from the Australian embassy.

Button, whose Tiktok footage had raked in 4.9 million views as of Thursday, said her late boyfriend gave her the sex toy as a gag gift before he died.

Just A Joke


its romantic

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The reason Button was wearing the plug is because it was a gift from her late boyfriend. It was one of the last gifts she got from him before he died.

“The intention was initially a joke because he’d spent so much time in there and it was his favorite place,” she said. “Honestly it is the funniest thing he’s ever done, I’ll spend my whole life laughing about it, which really beats crying.”

She added, “I also like that I can take him with me to places we only ever dreamed of going.”

Romance Is Dead?

Unfortunately, airport security didn’t find it funny. As they assumed she was carrying a weapon.

“I explained what it was but a lady was working in earshot of that conversation which led to some back and forth between us and the male officials did not like the vulgarity I was using to explain,” Button said.

“An hour later a big official came and had us sign a super long foreign document and said if we went outside of the airport doors we’d go to jail.”

Once authorities realized she was telling the truth, she was let go.

“It was a long day,” she said.

Of course, TikTok users took the chance to chime in with a little light humor.

“And they said romance is dead,” one TikTok user commented.