WeTravel Now Offering Loans For The Travel Industry
Photo Credit: WeTravel

Photo Credit: WeTravel

WeTravel Now Offering Loans For The Travel Industry

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Rafael Peña
Rafael Peña Nov 10, 2022

Travel agents and luxury travel consultants now have some financial help to be excited about. WeTravel is saving small travel businesses with a brand new loan program.

Business Loan For The Travel Industry

The booking and payments platform WeTravel has launched a business loan program for travel advisors and small businesses in the travel industry. The venture is called WeTravel Growth Capital and it is here to assist companies who are having a hard time recovering after the pandemic.

Qualifying For WeTravel Growth Capital

WeTravel Growth Capital is offering a variety of loan products and advances, as well as lines of credit to those who can qualify. An applicant must already be making a minimum of $10,000 a month, have been in operation for over six months, and has a 550 credit score.

Get Your Money By Next Day

Photo Credit: WeTravel

Applying only takes 15 minutes and then a funding advisor reviews the application. Based on the information provided, a loan amount is determined. In most cases, qualified applicants will see the loan in their bank account within 24 hours.

“It has been a difficult season for the travel industry, especially for small, local businesses and operators. As we emerge into a new season, WeTravel is providing additional support to help travel businesses successfully recover and increase profitability with access to the money they need,” said Zaky Prabowo, CEO of WeTravel.

“As a separate but complementary offering to our platform, offering Growth Capital aligns with our business’s founding mission to provide opportunities for any travel business to successfully operate a business with the assistance of travel-specific technology.”

More than 65% of WeTravel’s members are small business owners, which would have the most difficulty during an economy with so many ups and downs this year.

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