Virgin Atlantic has a cute little prank it plays on passengers who decide to pocket their salt and pepper shakers. The mini metal airplane shakers, which come in a variety of colors, are distributed onboard with meals.

According to Mirror, they are quite the coveted souvenir as many passengers swipe them from the plane and take them home. In fact, the salt and pepper shakers have become sort of a collectors’ item for the airlines’ customers. There are even some listed on eBay for £25.

Got ya!


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Virgin Atlantic has left a surprise specially designed for these passengers in the form of a secret message located on the bottom of the miniature planes’ ‘feet.’ The airline Tweeted a photo of a silver set of the salt and pepper shakers in front of one of its aircraft.

“Caught red handed?” read the Tweet. “If you’ve walked away from one of our flights with a ‘new’ salt and pepper shaker, take a peek at their feet and you’ll be in for a surprise.”

How they did it

If you turn the shakers upside down, you’ll see that the message reads, “Pinched from Virgin Atlantic.”

The Tweet was liked by many customers of the airline, with many admitting to having swiped a pair–or several–themselves. Others said they would be helping themselves to a pair on their next Virgin Atlantic flight.

“I will be walking away with these next week,” one person replied.

Does it matter?

“I might or might not have black, silver and gold. Looking forward to ‘borrowing’ some more in under five weeks!” added another.

So it seems the cute and funny surprise message won’t deter many from taking the shakers home with them. However, friends and family who turn them over will know where and how they were acquired.

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