Viral Moment: Woman Pranks Annoying Amtrak Passenger Talking Loudly On His Phone
Photo Credit: Stacey Patton| Facebook

Photo Credit: Stacey Patton| Facebook

Viral Moment: Woman Pranks Annoying Amtrak Passenger Talking Loudly On His Phone

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Brunno Braga
Brunno Braga Feb 4, 2022

If you travel by plane, train or bus, surely you’ve come across annoying passengers that can turn your trip into hell. From people who don’t care about hygiene and those who refuse to wear masks, to the Amtrak passenger who talks loudly on the phone— we’ve certainly come across people like this at least once in our lives.

But traveler Stacey Patton found a ‘unique’ way to deal with an annoying passenger on a recent business class train ride. She shared the encounter on her Facebook account, and it has already gone viral.

Patton, who is a journalist and associate professor at Morgan State University, was on an Amtrak train ride from Washington, DC to Trenton (NJ), when she noticed one of the passengers talking loudly on the phone.

“I’m on an Amtrak train. Business-class from DC to Trenton. There is a white man. Southern. Loud. And important. Let’s call him Chuck,” she wrote on her Facebook account.

She revealed that ‘Chuck’, the annoying passenger, was about 8 rows behind her.

“He’s been on his cell phone since we boarded. He’s talking loud as if he’s in his home office. Everyone else in the train car seems unbothered. But I’m annoyed.”

She then says that Chuck said his phone number aloud “Here’s my cell number. Seven Zero Three. . . “

On hearing him yell out his phone number to the person on the other end of the call, she decided to write it down, and call him. The rest is well, genius

Chuck’s phone rang and he said: “Gimme a sec. Got another call comin ‘through. Yelll-Oooo?”

Then, Patton whispered.

“Hello, this is Black Jesus calling. I’m riding on Northeast bound train 176. I hope y’all find the right interns for your search. You will make it to New Brunswick in time for that Teams meeting. I also think your pitch for the new project, with some minor adjustments, will be well received by the rest of the team. And I recommend either the Frog and the Peach or Steakhouse 85 for dinner. But for right now, Imma need you to lower your voice while riding this train. In my name, Amen.”

Then, she saw Chuck stand up and begin looking around frantically.

“I kept looking at my computer like I’m not Black Jesus,” she wrote.

The post has received over 10,000 comments: ‘Genius!”, “Priceless!”, “Come on Black Jesus!” “Ahhhaaahaaa. I love this. Thanks Black Jesus!” are some of the comments seen on her post about ‘Chuck’.

TN Fam, would you do something similar if you were in her position? Let us know in the comments.

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