This New Black-Owned Bakery In New Orleans Wants To Nourish The Nation
Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

This New Black-Owned Bakery In New Orleans Wants To Nourish The Nation

New Orleans , United States
Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Jul 10, 2020

As the coronavirus pandemic ramped up in communities across the country, Carla Briggs and Kathryn Conyers noticed a shortage of bread in their community and saw it as an opportunity.

The two friends from New Orleans decided to take matters into their own hands and created Viola’s Heritage Breads.

“Viola just sounds nice and homey, like somebody’s grandmother that maybe would have a recipe that exists today but didn’t really get the recognition,” Conyers told the Tennessean.

Both Conyers and Briggs said they didn’t see many Black-owned bakeries and wanted to create a business that celebrates Black entrepreneurship and heritage.

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The recipes draw on their roots and uses local Southern ingredients like Louisiana sweet potatoes.

Other items include honey butter cornbread,  sweet potato rosemary rolls, whole wheat brioche loaves, and so much more.

“This is an untapped market of providing quality sandwich bread,” Briggs added. “So, we jumped right in and it has been fun.”

You can order the bread online, which ships nationwide.

The duo said they hope that Viola’s Breads will eventually be sold in grocery stores nationwide.

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“What does it look like to have bread or item that reflects me? That reflects us. That I see on the shelf that’s not necessarily like Aunt Jemima,” said Conyers.

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