The Villa Vie Odyssey sets sail on May 30 for an ongoing world tour with hundreds of adventure-seeking passengers.

The ever-going, all-inclusive cruise leaves from Belfast and will circumnavigate the world every 3.5 years. Within that time, the eight-deck ship will make 425 stops in 147 countries. The itinerary moves from Northern Europe to Greenland, then to Northern America’s East Coast. Afterward, travelers will enjoy the Caribbean, South America, and North America’s West Coast.

From there, travelers will explore parts of Japan and the Philippine Sea before venturing through the South Pacific and Australia. The cruise will visit Bali and make various stops in Asia and the Middle East. Once cruising in the Indian Ocean, passengers will enjoy Madagascar, throughout Africa, and up into the Mediterranean before making a final “transatlantic crossing.”

The ship’s final destination will be West Palm Beach.

Travelers can own their villas on the ship or rent their accommodations. Regarding the latter, the booking length ranges from 35 to 120 days. Additionally, those renting can “pay as you go.”

Renting a room for a segment of the trip starts at $2,136. Villa ownership prices range from $99,000 to $349,000.

“Owning means you get a villa guaranteed for 15 years, while choosing our rental segments lets you enjoy short adventures and comfort without having to commit long-term,” the cruise’s site details.

What Will Villa Vie Odyssey Travelers Experience?

The list of complimentary perks includes laundry and housekeeping services every two weeks. There are also “wellness sessions,” healthcare consultations, “creative hubs,” and more.

Complimentary wine and beer are served during meals. The ship has three restaurants, four lounges, and three bars. The vessel also has a pool, two jacuzzis, a spa, a fitness center, a professional golf simulator, and a promenade that wraps around its entirety.

For digital nomads, there’s a business center outfitted with conference rooms, private offices, and co-working spaces.

Travelers have access to high-speed Wi-Fi and medical and security services. According to Business Insider, the ship will host 800 to 900 guests at any given time.