Veronica’s Place: Costa Rica's Sustainable Black-Owned Accommodation
Photo Credit: Veronica's Place| Facebook

Photo Credit: Veronica's Place| Facebook

Veronica’s Place: Costa Rica's Sustainable Black-Owned Accommodation

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Sep 14, 2021

Veronica’s Place in Costa Rica is a sustainable Black-owned accommodation sought out by tourists and locals alike.

Launched by Veronica Gordon Groocks in 1995, Veronica’s Place is located on Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast in Puerto Viejo where the area is heavily influenced by Afro-Caribbean culture. Veronica’s Place is a Caribbean style accommodation where you can relax and heal both your mind and body through food.

“I was inspired to open a little place where I could share my way of eating,” Groocks, who grew up in a vegetarian home, tells Travel Noire. “One of the things I learned growing up as a Christian is that we should take care of our body, spirit, and soul, and that our diet should consist of healthy eating.”

Veronica’s grandparents and parents were naturalists who passed their knowledge about plants and herbs to both Veronica and her husband. That knowledge has been passed to the next generation, Veronica’s children, which is how they have been able to run a business using three generations of knowledge.

The staff at Veronica’s Place works to promote and reform health by offering cooking classes and lessons on making natural remedies using ingredients from the organic farm on the property.

“We prepare our food the same way meat is prepared with lots of flavor and spices, except our dishes are vegetarian,” Groocks adds. “We use lots of coconut, and we make our own fresh coconut milk. We make our own vegetarian-based proteins, jam, bread, and healthy juices.”

Veronica’s Place is located in the heart of Puerto Viejo just minutes away from the beach and other shops in town.

Groocks says they are currently focusing on longer term stays at Veronica’s Place as well as their cooking classes. For more information on how to book a stay or vegetarian cooking class, click here.

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