United Airlines Suspending Operations From JFK Airport
Photo Credit: Courtesy of United Airlines

Photo Credit: Courtesy of United Airlines

United Airlines Suspending Operations From JFK Airport

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Rafael Peña
Rafael Peña Nov 2, 2022

United Airlines will be suspending its operations from New York’s JFK airport this month. Due to the lack of slots the airport is willing to give to the airline.

Reason For Suspension

This confirmation comes after they expressed the allocation of slots given to their competitors compared to the slots United Airlines had been occupying.

“Given our current, too-small-to-be-competitive schedule out of JFK, coupled with the start of the winter season where more airlines will operate their slots as they resume JFK flying – United has made the decision to temporarily suspend service at JFK,” stated the airline back in September.

The statement also talks to their current relationship with the FAA, stating, “Earlier this month, we shared an update about our efforts to advocate for additional slots that would allow us to grow the station, as well as our ask of the FAA to update its assessment of JFK’s overall capacity…” 

United Airlines vs. FAA

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“Our discussions with the FAA have been constructive. It’s clear they are serious about operational improvements in the NY/NJ region, including JFK and EWR, which is important for all our customers.”

Scott Kirby, CEO of United Airlines sent a letter to Billy Nolen, FAA administrator, urgently requesting to increase capacity at JFK. Kirby referred to the upgrades the airport has made in recent years, which is why United was asking for a capacity increase.

Source: United Airlines Newsroom

Their decision to suspend will not only have an effect on customers but also the employees at the airport. “We know this news is especially rough for the 100 employees who work at JFK today.”

United Airlines Past & Future With JFK

United Airlines already has a rocky relationship with JFK airport. Cutting ties with them back in 2015 and then reestablishing themselves during the pandemic in 2021. At the time of their return, it was able to pick up slots that other airlines could not fulfill during the pandemic. As their competitors were coming back, United started losing those slots once again. This caused United Airlines to send out a warning of suspension back in September.

Although United Airlines has called for the suspension at JFK, they are hopeful they can come to terms with JFK airport and have their employees go back to work.

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