United Airlines reintroducing their ice cream to four of their long-haul routes is another great sign of things going back to normal. For now, only flights from the San Francisco Airport headed towards the cities of Brisbane, Frankfurt, Singapore, and Sydney will be able to offer their signature “Sundae Service.”

Polaris Business Class

Photo Credit: United Airlines

In a memo to flight attendants, United explained that the return of ice cream sundae service is based upon both passenger and flight attendant feedback.

Flight attendants for the airline were the first to get the news, in a memo addressed to them that said the following, “Based on customer and flight attendant feedback, we’re revamping the Polaris dessert service and are bringing back a new three-tier dessert cart for our signature ice cream sundae service. Cheese plates with fruit and tarts will be included as additional dessert options offered”

Ice Cream Returns

Before the pandemic, their three-tier dessert cart had always been featured in Polaris services. As of now, United is only offering a “pre-dressed” vanilla ice cream with a single topping.

United Airlines isn’t the first to reintroduce its ice cream menu. Delta and American Airlines brought their ice cream services back months ago.