Alaska is a popular state for nature lovers although it is not located on mainland United States. With over 50% of Alaska being wilderness, it is no surprise that there is plenty of space for visitors to enjoy the state. Travelers can immerse themselves in Alaska’s outdoor activities, thriving wildlife, and native Alaskan culture. The surrounding nature of Alaska is lush and ample because much of it has been left untouched. 

Alaska has America’s last wild frontier and is an exceptional place for groups, families, and solo travelers. Since Alaska is a breathtaking destination, there are more than enough places to stay. In Alaska, lodging options range from rustic cabins to high-end resorts that work for many different budgets and preferences. These are the best five wilderness stays in Alaska. 

Unique Wilderness Stays

These are the best wilderness stays in Alaska. 
Pictured: Alaska
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The sprawling beauty of these accommodations is certainly impressive but can’t hold a candle to the striking natural environment that surrounds them. We’ve found some of the highest-rated accommodations in Alaska with unique features, locations, or activities for travelers. 

Pike’s Waterfront Lodge

Pike’s Waterfront Lodge is a nice place to stay in Alaska.
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This lodge is exceptional and many past visitors highly rate it as a friendly place to stay. The Fairbanks accommodation sits right on the water, with proximity to the Chena River, so travelers can enjoy the nice view. This river serves as a soothing and constantly flowing reminder of the natural beauty of Alaska. Travelers will appreciate its cozy atmosphere which pairs well with welcoming Alaskan hospitality. The 208 comfortable rooms and cabins (180 rooms and 28 cabins) of this lodge are just the start of a true Alaskan adventure. 

Travelers who stay at Pike’s Waterfront Lodge can appreciate the very central location of the accommodation. Situated on the riverwalk, exploring the area is a lot easier when planning your itinerary. Sightseeing near this accommodation is another way to get to know the wilderness of Alaska. Travelers may get a chance to do so in the free airport shuttle, on the way to the lodge. Other perks for staying at Pike’s include the on-property restaurant, aromatherapy steam room, pet-friendly rooms, riverside decks, the convenience store, and outdoor fireplace. 

The Lakefront Anchorage

This lakefront hotel is a great wilderness stay in Alaska.
Pictured: Lakefront hotel in Alaska
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This hotel is located in Anchorage, Alaska, and is right next to Lake Hood but sits on the shore of Lake Spenard. It is the only hotel in Anchorage that is located on a lake. An appealing aspect of this stay option is that it is near the airport and is considered to be in the heart of the city. This hotel offers 24/7 shuttle service to the airport and downtown Anchorage, which makes it a convenient stay for its guests.

The scenic hotel also offers plenty of unique experiences to travelers such as daily flightseeing over Lake Hood, the world’s busiest floatplane base. This type of sightseeing allows guests to experience aerial views of the lake and the surrounding Chugach Mountains. In addition to flightseeing opportunities, travelers can enjoy fishing and hunting excursions at this hotel. The hotel also offers three different restaurants which overlook the lake. This makes the accommodation the only place with lakeside dining in town. In March, this wilderness stay hosts the Iditarod, which is Alaska’s great dog sled race. In August, travelers can enjoy the Annual Beer & Bacon Festival on the spacious deck. 

Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge

This Alaskan lodge is a great option to enjoy the wilderness.
Pictured: Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge
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This hotel is the only lodge with room views of Mount Denali and the Alaska range. Talkeetna is a popular place for flightseeing, rafting, and biking since it is a great wilderness stay. This lodge is not very close to the airport but its unique offerings are worth the commute. One notable appeal of this lodge is that it is close to the Talkeetna Riverfront Park, which is a must-see site. This hotel is also only open during the best season for wilderness adventures, which is between March and September. Due to this schedule, visitors can worry less about pinpointing the perfect time to visit since the less desirable seasons are already excluded. 

Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge offers its visitors a rustic and comfortable stay. Travelers can choose from guest lodges, main lodges, or mountainside rooms. An upgrade to a suite allows guests to enjoy a jacuzzi (or walk-in shower) and cozy fireplace. One of the most eye-catching features of this accommodation is the grand rock fireplace in the Great Room. The floor-to-ceiling structure towers over guests and they can learn about how the local community contributed to the river rock fireplace. Throughout the lodge, each space in the accommodation reflects the Talkeetna community through the works of local resources and contributors. 

The Hotel Captain Cook

This historic hotel is a famous wilderness stay close to the coast.
Pictured: Hotel Captain Hook
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This Alaskan hotel is unique in many ways but its name is the quickest way to tell that. The historic hotel honors Captain James Cook’s impact on Alaska since he mapped the coast in the 18th century. He helped define Alaska and in turn, his legacy has been preserved in the state. Alaska’s Hotel Captain Cook is located in downtown Anchorage so it is a nice cultural hub for travelers. This accommodation is in the city but is surrounded by breathtaking views of the Alaska Range. Those looking to relax or get active can enjoy the hotel’s athletic clubs which include a swimming pool, aerobic room, lounge, sauna, and steam room. Massages are also available for those who want an extra dose of self-care during their stay. 

This accommodation is Alaska’s only member of the Preferred Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, which is an elite organization of luxury hotels and resorts across the world. Hotel Captain Cook was also recently inducted into Historic Hotels of America which is the official travel organization of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. These honors make this Alaska stay a unique and exciting adventure for travelers. The Hotel Captain Cook also has many appealing features like its four restaurants, 12 shops, and 546 rooms. Captain Cook’s Hotel also has a private art collection that displays the adventures of its namesake, which travelers can discover on a walking tour. For historical significance and proximity to the thriving wilderness, the Hotel Captain Cook is the perfect place to stay in Alaska. 

Alyeska Resort

This resort is a great wilderness stay.
Pictured: Alyeska Resort
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The Alyeska Resort is Alaska’s largest ski area and the only destination ski resort. This hotel integrates native elements and Alaskan themes to give travelers a holistic and authentic experience. Alyeska Resort offers travelers a cozy lodge-style accommodation that is surrounded by snowy mountains, glaciers, and native wildlife. It is located in the historic town of Girdwood, Alaska which is a mountainous destination with beautiful scenery. The town is abundant with nature and there are plenty of restaurants, bars, and shops for travelers to enjoy. Girdwood is an outdoor adventurer’s paradise and the Alyeska Resort is the pinnacle of that experience. 

Since the Alyeska Resort is the top ski destination in Alaska, it is known for its wilderness experiences. The massive resort is home to the Alyeska Aerial Tram which takes travelers to the top of Mountain Alyeska. This resort has 1,610 skiable acres so travelers interested in snow sports have plenty of space. It gets around 669 inches of snowfall each year, so the resort is a great fit for winter sports enthusiasts.

Wilderness-centered excursions like the glacier landing tour are a popular pick since it is a stunning sightseeing opportunity that entails a helicopter ride over several glaciers. The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center is a great site to visit for wildlife sightings and photo opportunities. These are just a few of the wilderness experiences worth trying during a visit to Alaska. A stay at Alyeska Resort is sure to be an invigorating adventure that leaves visitors feeling rejuvenated and in touch with the land.