At many airports, the most interesting activity a traveler can experience is trying a new restaurant or an airport lounge. Still, airports offer unique experiences that set them apart from others.

From spending a layover catching a free movie to swimming in an infinity pool, here are five bucket-list-worthy things to do at airports around the world.

A Movie Layover

Passengers traveling through Changi Airport in Singapore can pass the time while watching a movie free of charge. Changi Airport is regarded as one of the world’s most interesting and modern airports. It’s not surprising the airport also offers free entertainment.

Located in Terminal 3, the airport offers two theaters that play various movies, each playing on a loop for 24 hours so travelers can drop in any time, except Thursdays between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. when the theaters are closed for maintenance. 

Guests can even check Changi’s showing schedule where movies like “A Man Called Otto,” “The Batman,” “A Haunting in Venice,” and more have played.

Beer Garden Stop

At Munich International Airport in Germany, travelers can wander into the only beer garden inside a European airport. The covered garden and brewery, inside a restaurant called Airbrau, are an interesting change of pace from typical retail and micro-dining found inside airports. Expect lots of greenery, live entertainment, beer selections on tap, and classic Bavarian dishes like roasted pork and international cuisine.

Hot Springs with a View

Travelers looking to unwind between flights find their fill at Haneda Airport in Tokyo, Japan. Izumi Tenku no Yo is a spa facility at Terminal 3. The spa offers several hot springs, baths, outdoor spaces, and traditional and steam saunas. The 24-hour facility also has views of the tarmac and views of Mount Fuji. Admission is around $35 per person.

Take a Swim at PUJ

Inside the VIP Lounge at Punta Cana International Airport (PUJ) in the Dominican Republic is one of the most unique experiences in the world: a tarmac-facing infinity pool. Located in Terminal B, the lounge is near Gate 24, on the third floor.

It offers snacks, drinks, wi-fi, televisions, and more to lounge guests, along with access to the outdoor patio and swimming pool. On a warm day, guests can enjoy a dip before takeoff and begin, or end, the vacation in a special way. Travelers can access the lounge through various lounge programs or by purchasing a one-time pass, pending availability.

Museum Stroll

A collection of artifacts and historical references make up a few permanent exhibits inside The Archaeological Collection inside Athens International Airport. The artifacts date back before Christ and are a burst of history interesting enough to pass the time on a layover.

The micro museum offers a look into archaeological findings, a specially-designed area reminiscent of Greek life many years ago. The physical space offers interactive elements and a digital portion for travelers to experience.