When traveling internationally, travelers are prone to run into different and unique foods. After all, different countries will always have different cuisines. However, some dishes seem to be more colorful than others.

Strange and unique foods are becoming more globalized because of travelers and social media. From dung-filled soups to steamed genitalia, you never know what you might run into when traveling. Here are a few unique food dishes travelers have seen around the world.

Bitter Cow Poop Soup in The Philipines

Although it may sound crazy, papaitan, or bitter cow poop soup, is one of the popular unique foods in the Phillipines. The soup dish can be made with goat innards, which technically isn’t poop. However, the key ingredient is bile, giving it the bitter taste locals love. While it is an acquired taste, many travelers say the soup is more bearable when topped with a sauce and contains lots of meat. A wide range of animal parts are used in this soupy delicacy, so you never know what you might get.

Animal Penis in China

A delicacy in some Eastern cuisines, the penis of an animal is another unique food travelers encounter, especially when in China. One traveler recalled her experience trying bull, black dog and lamb penis at a restaurant in Beijing. She described the texture as varying depending on which animal, with the bull penis tasting the most like meat. However, the dish was a feat to eat and took a lot of chewing to get through it. The dish is traditionally served with a broth or stew.

Porcupine in Vietnam

If you visit Vietnam, you might have the chance to try porcupine. The dish is a delicacy in the country and rather difficult to acquire. Healthy, farm-raised porcupine is expensive to come by, so if on the off-chance it is available, many food-curious travelers take advantage. Porcupine doesn’t taste like chicken, but some people say it tastes like chewier pork. It’s steamed and served with a variety of sauces, cilantro and other herbs.  Some travelers say they’ve had it roasted while visiting Vietnam. 

Fish Semen in Japan

For traveling caviar lovers in Japan, add shirako to your list of foods to try while visiting the Asian country. The dish, also known as milt, is fish sperm sacks that can be raw, fried and steamed. Some folks enjoy it fried tempura-style with plenty of sauces and garnishes.

Chicken Anus in Borneo

It’s not uncommon to have chicken butt on a skewer when visiting Southeast Asia. Many travelers run into these served-up shish kabob-style throughout Borneo and many places across Asia. Traveler blogger Chris from Aussie On The Road, described his experience eating chicken butt as “surprisingly inoffensive.” He said he had the dish multiple times while visiting South Korea and China.