On Wednesday, Tyler Perry took to Instagram to share the wonderful news — Atlanta has officially unveiled the Tyler Perry Studios highway exits.

Highway exits are usually reserved for city landmarks, making the exit for Tyler Perry Studios a big deal. Originally, the signs read Fort McPherson, which was a decommissioned Army base Perry bought in 2016. Now, the sign will read the name of the property’s current owner — Tyler Perry Studios. Tyler Perry couldn’t contain his emotions as he expressed how much it meant to see the new signs go up.

“Driving into work today I saw these signs on the highways being changed,” he wrote. “My eyes filled with water knowing what God has allowed to happen in my life.”

Tyler Perry has deep roots in Atlanta and his rise to stardom didn’t come without a lot of hard work, tears, and prayer. He shared his testimony with his Instagram followers followed by a scripture.

You can find the Tyler Perry Studios sign on Georgia State Route 166, a mile past the Sylvan Road and Cleveland Avenue exit.