Turn Up The Heat In These Sexy Cities And Regions In Europe
Photo Credit: Photo by Il Vagabiondo

Photo Credit: Photo by Il Vagabiondo

Turn Up The Heat In These Sexy Cities And Regions In Europe

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Spencer Jones
Spencer Jones Dec 29, 2022

Europe has attracted travelers for generations. Why is this? Well frankly, it has it all. Are you looking for pristine beaches? The Algarve, southern Spain, and France’s Cote d’Azur tick that box. Are you a seafood lover? Greece, Portugal, and Sweden might be for you. Croatia, too, especially the calamari. Love beer? Hallo, Germany.

What about a country that embraces, or at least tolerates hedonism? Holland ticks that box, especially Amsterdam. Even with the city’s new “Stay Away” campaign, it’s unlikely to do away with its racy side altogether. The sex clubs, coffeehouses and other such attractions have drawn tourists for years.

Whether you’re trekking through Europe alone or with your lover, here are seven of the sexiest places there.


Well, obviously!

You’ll find your niche in one of the 20 arrondissements. There’s fine dining, great shopping and history.

And when it comes to the pastries….baby!  Just remember that what we incorrectly call a “chocolate croissant” is pain au chocolat in France.

As noted by The Daily Beast, “hidden beneath Paris’ historic cobblestone streets is an underground world where hedonism is king.”

Le Taken on the Île Saint Louis allows you to dance, sip a little something and have all the sex you want. Moon City has a spa on site and is close to Moulin Rouge.

Les Chandelles is the oldest and probably the most exclusive sex club in Paris. It’s just a few minutes’ walk from the Palais Royal.

There are numerous articles and reviews written about these online. Check them out to determine which club would be the best fit.








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The former Mayor of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit, once called the city “poor but sexy.”

Among Berlin’s most iconic clubs is KitKat, which has been around nearly 25 years. What goes on there? The better question is what doesn’t?

KitKat is a haunt for locals and tourists alike, especially those into electronica. The sexy, decadent fun tends to happen off the dance floor.

Condé Nast Traveler praised KitKat for its inclusive nature, which is prevalent across Berlin.

“You’ll see all ages here, all body types, and a broad spectrum of genders and sexualities,” the publication explained. “Like many other clubs in Berlin, KitKat is always queer-friendly, though some nights skew a little more toward the LGBTQ+ crowd.”

Close to the Berlin Ostbahnhof railway station is Berghain. The vibe is similar to KitKat’s, but entry is a tricky process, apparently.

ExBerliner encourages people to know who is performing the night they go, don’t be super chatty in line, and always remember that “the bouncer’s word is final.”





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According to Go Lisbon, “the city is Europe’s second- oldest capital after Athens.”

The pastel-colored buildings and historic ruins recall the Amalfi Coast. And when the hills become too much, hop on one of the trams.

Take a cruise on the Tagus River with your boo. Have a picnic on one of the scenic overlooks. Or hold your partner’s hand as you peruse the narrow, winding streets of Alfama.

Lastly, you can’t go to Portugal without experiencing a wine tour. It’s the perfect way to round out a romantic afternoon.



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No shade towards Madrid, but Barcelona may be better.

After exploring the tourist spots and hitting up Las Ramblas for fantastic shopping, dress up and enjoy a night on the town.

You and your partner can enjoy an evening of tapas, sip a Sangria or share a paella. This popular dish originated in Valencia, which is just three hours away by train.

Another feature that makes Barcelona so special, is the proximity to good beaches like Mar Bella and Barceloneta.

Craving more? Head to Oops! (yes, that’s the name), one of the most beautiful sex clubs you’ll ever see. Check out one account here. 




Amalfi Coast And Sorrento


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The Amalfi Coast is probably the most legendary region in Italy. No disrespect to Tuscany, which also shines.

This stretch of coastline is an UNESCO Heritage site, and it surges to life during the summer.

There are cliffs, coves, and stairs aplenty. Private villas, punctuated by colorful, humble homes, jut out of the landscape.

Jewels in the Amalfi crown include Positano, Amalfi and Ravello.

According to Sorrento Insider, “many consider Sorrento part of the Amalfi Coast, but they are two distinct locations.” You can take a bus from one to the other. But if you want to avoid traffic, take the ferry.

Italians take food very seriously, and their cuisine reflects that.

Whether you’re looking for a “hole in the wall” spot, or five-star dining, the only issue is narrowing down the choices.





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Mainland Croatia and her islands offer a whole lot. But only Dubrovnik is called “The Jewel of the Adriatic.”

The producers of Game of Thrones must have found this city bewitching, since part of the show was filmed there.

Enter the ancient walls of Old Town, a strictly car-free zone. Pack light so you can explore the winding, medieval streets with ease.

Sip a cocktail at Copacabana Beach, which earned a five-star rating from Time Out. If you’d like to avoid the crowds, there’s Sveti Jakov, with its pebbled coast.

According to Time Out, “between Banje and Sv Jakov are the hotel beaches, either exclusive or hired by the day. Each can offer a pool, a terrace and a fine Martini.”

A special shout out to the Croatian islands of Korčula, Hvar and Brač. If your schedule permits, they are worth visiting.



Cote d'Azur

The Cote d’Azur is France’s answer to the Amalfi Coast.

In Cannes, there’s the idyllic Villa Claudia, with its private garden and terrace. Cannes is always lit, but it’s easy to forget that while at this secluded place.

Seeking the sexy, five-star hotel experience? There’s Hôtel La Tartane in St. Tropez.

Since this town has attracted the elite for generations, there are numerous other hotels at the same level.

While in St. Tropez, go for a romantic stroll along Pampelonne Beach (arguably the most glamorous one), Nikki Beach or Tahiti Beach.

Grasse is perched in the hills above Cannes, and it has been a perfume capital since the 1700s. Why not enroll in a perfume-making workshop, and take the bottle with you?

If you really want to take your romantic getaway to new heights, charter a yacht.

You can enjoy refreshments as you sail past the cities, villages and towns which cement the popularity of the French Riviera.


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