Summer 2022 brought a resurgence of travel to Europe for the first time since the pandemic. The demand was so high that many European countries were simply not ready. This led to travelers experiencing flight cancelations, long lines, and inflated hotel and taxi prices. 

Europe also saw record-breaking temperatures this summer, resulting in disruptions with airports, railroads, and roads. 

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If you’re planning on traveling to any European destinations soon, consider these “new” rules.

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Travel insurance is a must

Before contemplating if you should purchase travel insurance or not, just remember the cancelations and delays of summer 2022. Travel insurance policies are great because they protect your pockets if you experience any mishaps while on your European adventure. In this case, it’s always better to invest in feeling reassured than taking a travel risk. 

Travel in the off-season


European summers are amazing, but they’re also extremely expensive, crowded, and hot. Booking in the off-season–spring and fall–will allow you to experience all the splendor of your European destination of choice without the long lines, high prices, and constant sweating. 

Explore smaller cities

Sure, major cities like Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Berlin, etc. are exciting, but there are other options. Exploring smaller cities gives you the opportunity to truly experience the culture and authenticity of a country. It also will help you save money. 

Confirm before booking

Many Airbnbs and even hotels in Europe don’t have air conditioning. If you have questions about certain amenities, it’s important to ask before booking so you won’t be disappointed when arriving at your accommodation. Staying in an older building? You may want to confirm that there will be an elevator.

Explore early in the morning

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Visiting tourist attractions means that you’ll most likely run into crowds. To avoid long lines, even during the off-season, head out early in the morning. If you get to the attraction when it first opens, you’ll beat the crowds and have lots of time to explore without feeling flustered. 

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