Türkiye’s sway over the luxury yacht realm is on an unabated rise. For years, the country has been positioning itself as a mecca for opulent seafaring experiences. From hosting the most illustrious mega yachts on its stunning shores to emerging as a yacht manufacturing hub. Turkiye’s maritime prowess is undeniable with this year’s yacht exports soaring to a staggering $500 million.

Leading Manufacturer of Yachts

Türkiye’s ascent in the industry is nothing short of meteoric. In 2022, the nation celebrated $1.45 billion in exports within the ship, yacht and services sector. This trajectory continues, as mid-June 2023 has already seen exports reaching $550 million.

Dive deeper into the maritime landscape, and you’ll find an armada of mega yacht projects charting their course through production. Turkish manufacturers are at the helm, orchestrating custom-built creations that are set to grace the waters this year. The allure of Turkish craftsmanship is global, especially when it comes to bespoke mega yachts. Murat Bekiroğlu, a Yacht and Boat Industry Association board member, underscores this. He cites labor cost advantages and unparalleled manufacturing quality as factors that buoy the country’s reputation in European markets. The market experiences an average annual growth rate of 20 percent.

Turkiye’s Southern Coastline

Photo credit: Yücel Özel

Türkiye’s southern coastlines emerge as a siren call for foreigners seeking maritime escapades with Bodrum and Göcek bays playing host to a spectrum of yacht models. The nation’s prowess extends beyond sailing. Production, design and restoration echo with the rhythm of maritime craftsmanship.

Greece, a maritime player with its own aspirations, takes note of Türkiye’s burgeoning yacht scene. Notably, BFG Provisions, a renowned Greek yacht service company, is establishing its first office in the scenic enclave of Bodrum.

Cruise Tourism

The surge in cruise tourism is another tide Türkiye is riding. With soaring hotel prices and transportation costs, cruise trips are becoming a compelling alternative. The numbers echo this sentiment. From January to July, Turkish ports welcomed a fleet of 574 cruise ships, ferrying a total of 43,716 passengers to the nation’s coasts.

As Türkiye’s maritime star continues to ascend, its captivating shores and thriving yacht sector beckon seafarers from around the globe to embrace the allure of luxury and adventure.