The construction of what will eventually become the world’s largest cruise ship has been completed at Meyer Turku shipyard in Turku, Finland. The impressive vessel, named the Icon of the Seas, recently embarked on its anticipated maiden voyage into open water, marking the beginning of extensive sea trials. These trials are a crucial step before the ship’s scheduled delivery in October of this year, and they will ensure that all systems and functionalities are tested and optimized.

With its awe-inspiring length of 1,200 feet and an estimated weight of 250,800 tons, Royal Caribbean International’s Icon of the Seas is an absolute marvel. To put its size into perspective, it’s equivalent to trying to balance two CN Towers, an astonishing feat of engineering.

The Icon of the Seas completed its initial round of sea trials on June 22, according to a recent press release by Royal Caribbean. Throughout these trials, the vessel traveled hundreds of miles, subjecting its main engines, hull, brake systems, steering, noise levels and vibration levels to rigorous testing. Despite a slight delay in departure due to adverse wind conditions, all testing was conducted within the scheduled timeframe, ensuring the ship’s adherence to the highest standards of safety and performance.

A Capacity of up to 5,610 Passengers

In a few short months, the Icon of the Seas will cruise through the picturesque Caribbean waters, welcoming a capacity of up to 5,610 passengers and accommodating a dedicated staff of 2,350 members. The ship also will be the largest floating water park in the world boasting an impressive array of six record-breaking water slides. However, passengers seeking a more leisurely vacation experience also can indulge in the ship’s seven sparkling pools and nine inviting whirlpools.

The current world record holder for the largest cruise ship is Wonder of the Seas, another vessel from Royal Caribbean, which, despite being 1,188 feet shorter and consisting of only 18 decks, completed its inaugural voyage last year. The Icon of the Seas has been positioned by Royal Caribbean International as the pinnacle of cruise ship technology, combining cutting-edge features with the extensive expertise amassed over the company’s remarkable 50-year history.

“We are presenting it as the ultimate family vacation, and when you step back and contemplate the immense energy and dedication poured into creating this ship, it is truly mind-blowing,” Royal Caribbean International’s President and CEO, Michael Bayley, told CNN.