A Tunisair flight traveling from Istanbul to Tunis on October 3 made an emergency landing due to a drunk passenger. According to Euronews, the passenger was causing a disturbance by exhibiting disorderly behavior while under the influence of alcohol

Craziness in the air:

The plane made its unscheduled landing in Thessaloniki, a city in the north of Greece. The passenger, who Greek police say was in his 40s, was arrested for disorderly behavior and disrupting the safety of a commercial aircraft.

Greek police were already familiar with the man, who had previously incurred drug trafficking offenses and was discovered to have been traveling with false documents.

What happened according to the police:

A Thessaloniki police press officer told AFP, “The man was aggressive towards the staff on board, he was obviously drunk. The pilot was forced to land at Thessaloniki airport for the safety of everyone.”

The passenger was scheduled to have a court date in Thessaloniki the following Tuesday.