When it comes to Tulum, Mexico, it’s a favorite destination among Black women. There’s so much to do for rest and relaxation, exploring history, and embarking on a new and adventurous journey. In order to make the most out of your trip, it is critical to pack efficiently. Here is the ultimate packing list for Black women traveling to Tulum, Mexico!

Skin & Hair Care Ultimate Packing List

Black Girl Sunscreen

Black Girl Sunscreen Tulum
Ulta Beauty | Black Girl Sunscreen
Black Girl Sunscreen Tulum

Our skin is a gift, so it’s important to protect it. It’s a myth that only those not blessed with melanin get sunburn, which is why the Black Girl Sunscreen made it on the ultimate packing list.

Protect your skin in Tulum with one of our favorite sunscreens. It even doubles as a makeup primer. 

Remember, apply it no matter if the sun is out or not. 

After Sunscreen 

If you get sunburned, ensure you have what you need to be comfortable until you get home. That’s where the After Sun Aloe Vera Gel comes into play on this ultimate packing list. 

This will help hydrate your skin and won’t irritate it like many products out there. A lot of the good products can get expensive. The After Sun Aloe Vera Gel gives you the best of both worlds: a good product for an even better price. 

Face Moisturizer 

Vacation is the best time to ensure you stay true to your skincare regimen. While we are all trying to figure out what works best for our skin, we can all agree that face moisturizer is the most important aside from daily cleansing. 

The best option is The Outset Nourishing Daily Moisturizer. It is a simple way to keep your skin glowy and nourished. 

Bug Repellent Wipes

One thing that isn’t talked enough about when visiting Tulum is how the mosquitoes are relentless all day and all night.  

Packing a bottle of bug spray is not always easy, so if you’re trying to save room, pack these Off Bug Repellent Wipes instead. Trust us on this buy, and don’t forget to pass this information on to everyone you know. 

Chub Rub Anti Chafe Stick 

Feel free to skip this item for those of you who don’t have thick thighs. However, for those of us who do, Chub Rub will be your best friend when you plan to get active with hiking or a day trip to the ruins. 

This chemical-free formula will hydrate and protect your skin while providing an anti-chafing barrier between your thighs, under your arms and more. 

Beach & Activity Ultimate Packing List 

Weewooday Vintage Square Cat Eye Sunglasses Pack

Of course, sunglasses are essential for your Tulum trip, but the problem is one color is just not enough.  Weewooday provided the perfect solution to that. The brand has a four-pack option that gives you a few colors to choose from for your different outfit needs. 

Cupshe Swimsuit Cover Up

The Cupshe Swimsuit Cover-Up is both sexy and flattering for all body types.  This swimsuit cover-up is extremely comfortable, and it comes in a few different colors. 

Genovega Oversized Beach Towels

Do you know the qualities that make a good beach towel? The ability to absorb water quickly, recognize it easily and maximize comfortability. 

These Genovega beach towels are great for the beach, camping, the boat, swimming and more. 

Waterproof Phone Pouch 

If you have any water activities planned for your trip to Tulum, make sure to waterproof your phone. These pouches are handy for filming and taking pictures while in the water. 

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