A TSA agent was sentenced to 70 months in prison for smuggling methamphetamine through LAX for $8,000.

Undercover Operation

According to a report by the Santa Monica Daily Press, Michael Williams was a subject of an undercover operation conducted by authorities in 2020. Williams, who was already suspected of smuggling narcotics past checkpoints, met with who he thought was a drug source.

The drug source would provide Williams with a backpack of what he believed to be methamphetamine and give it to the drug source accomplice in the men’s bathroom after the security checkpoint in the LAX terminal. On two occasions, Williams exchanged the drugs for $4,000 in the stalls of the men’s bathroom.

The FBI And DEA in LAX

Hartsfield-jackson airport

“It is critical to national security that the government agents who are charged with keeping our nation safe do not sell their access to criminals,” according to prosecutors in the court documents.

The FBI and DEA led the investigation as part of the Los Angeles High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area program. United States Attorneys Jeffrey M. Chemerinsky and Jeremiah Levine were the prosecutors.