Level Up Your Travel Photography With These Content Creator Must-Haves
Photo Credit: Photo credit: Samsung Memory

Photo Credit: Photo credit: Samsung Memory

Level Up Your Travel Photography With These Content Creator Must-Haves

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Patrice Williams
Patrice Williams Jul 7, 2023

Traveling is about collecting memories that last a lifetime and snapping amazing travel photos goes right along with that. It’s a great way to document experiences like your first international trip, a baecation, or the destination that forever changed your life. For content creators, capturing the best travel photos is a way of life and can even be a lucrative one. However, learning how to master travel photography is a major step. That’s where the proper gear comes in.

It’s absolutely possible to snap beautiful travel photos with a phone, but sometimes you need a bit more. Proper lighting can make or break a photo and, of course, you need a lens that captures those sharp details. Also, for solo travelers, a tripod is an absolute must.

For anyone looking to step up their content creator game, here are a few travel photography must-haves.

Newmowa LED Rechargeable Light

Newmowa LED Rechargeable Light
Photo credit: Amazon

A photo is only as good as its light source and while it’s not exactly practical to travel with an entire light setup, this is a portable option. You may have seen this viral product on TikTok and for good reason. The clip-on light is the size of a cell phone but has an impressive 10 levels of darkness and three modes. When a natural light source just isn’t enough, attach this to your phone or camera and snap away.

ATUMTEK 65″ Selfie Stick Tripod

Photo Credit: Amazon

For solo travelers who have to take their own travel photos, this compact tripod has you covered. When not in use, it’s less than 13 inches tall, but it spans 65 inches when fully erect. The base of the tripod has a non-slip grip so you can be sure your phone is secure. Also, built into the base of the tripod is a removable Bluetooth remote. Use this as your clicker even when you’re up to 33 feet away.

Beikell Dual Connector SD Card Reader

The only thing worse than not getting the shot is snapping amazing photos, but you run out of storage or lose images because they’re not backed up. A simple, and affordable way to avoid that is with this SD Card Reader. It makes it easy and quite fast to transfer photos between your camera and laptop, tablet, or phone. In a matter of seconds, your gorgeous pics can be uploaded safely. 

Canon EOS M50 Mark II Content Creator Kit

When you’re really ready to upgrade your travel photography game but not exactly ready to purchase heavy-duty lenses that cost thousands of dollars, here’s your happy medium. Canon’s Content Creator Kit has the essentials to take sharp photos that you’ll cherish forever. The 24-megapixel camera has an easy-to-use touchscreen and the flip screen is ideal for recording vlogs. Included in the kit is a microphone for clear audio and a tripod to help you get those steady shots.

Holy Stone HS720 Foldable GPS Drone

If you’ve ever seen those beautiful aerial photos and wondered how they did that, it was most likely with a drone. The device can take some jaw-dropping photos and videos. This beginner-friendly drone captures images with a 4K camera and has a control range of 3000 feet. Don’t worry about losing the gear, as it has features to return to you with the press of a single button or when the battery is low.

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