Travel Noire Awards Winners: Experiences
Photo Credit: Photo credit: RebeccaAng

Photo Credit: Photo credit: RebeccaAng

Travel Noire Awards Winners: Experiences

Travel Noire Awards
Nurah Rossini
Nurah Rossini Aug 18, 2023

If you haven’t caught up on all of the winners from the 2023 Travel Noire Awards sponsored by Walmart, take a look. Travel Noire voters cast ballots for their top picks in 16 categories. The Experiences category took us on the adventurous side of travel and covered topics from “Favorite Cruising Experience to “Favorite Party Destination” and some in between. Here’s a closer look at the winners in this dynamic category.

Favorite Black-Owned Tour Operator

Travel Divas

When it comes to operating tours abroad, Travel Divas are experts. Their unforgettable travel experiences sprinkled with “black girl magic,” won over the Travel Noire audience. With 632 trips planned, 59 countries visited and 22,719 travelers, according to their website, this travel company has the experience to facilitate successful tours. Notably, the Travel Divas Instagram following with over 100,000K followers may have been a key part of their success in this year’s awards.

Favorite Celeb Black-Owned Restaurant

Hilltop Coffee + Kitchen – Issa Rae 

Hilltop Coffee + Kitchen was founded by Yonnie Hagos and Ajay Relan in 2018 and celebrity Issa Rae joined the business a year later. Something that started as one community coffee shop in L.A. grew to four locations in the surrounding area. It is a favorite among locals. The community-centric vibe, laid back atmosphere and healthy-yet-satisfying eats took Hilltop Coffee + Kitchen to number one in the 2023 Travel Noire Awards.

Favorite Party Destination

Las Vegas

When you think of Las Vegas, party comes to mind, and the Travel Noire audience couldn’t have agreed more. Nothing beats a weekend with friends in “Sin City.” Vegas’ array of restaurants, fancy hotels, casinos and buzzing nightlife was enough to beat out two other party cities. If you haven’t already, put Vegas on your travel bucket list for your next party destination.

Favorite Cruising Experience

Norwegian Prima – Norwegian Cruise Line

The Norwegian Prima cruise line exudes luxury in every way. From its staterooms equipped with premium amenities to its extensive selection of dining options, Travel Noire readers placed Norwegian at the top. This award-winning ship goes beyond the average cruise options to give you elevated spa, entertainment and wellness experiences. Our readers know luxury and they put an emphasis on traveling in style during the Travel Noire Awards.

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