According to a recent report by TopRatedCasinos, 70% of Gen Zers aspire to be TikTok influencers. Young adults across the globe are in high pursuit of the perfect destination to launch their online careers. But where exactly are all the social media influencers flocking to these days?

TopRatedCasinos released their list of the cities around the world with the most influencers. The survey ranked locations with the most influencers per square mile. With only one US city making the top 10, these destinations may land on your radar if social media influencing is in your future.

Santiago, Chile

Photo Credit: Bloomberg

Santiago, Chile, landed at number one on the list. The South American city has 37,138 influencers living there with 150 per square mile. Considered one of the most modern cities in Latin America, Santiago is surrounded by mountains with an array of scenic landscapes. 

Travelers and locals enjoy a plethora of excitement and fun in the city between the Andes. More than 6.5 million people live there, and many expats have ventured to the city for a fresh start. And influencers are no exception.

Washington, D.C.

The capital of the US came in as the second most popular destination for influencers. Although the city is much smaller than Santiago, it has 159 influencers per square mile. 

There’s plenty to love about Washington, D.C. Aside from its rich history, the city has always been a hotspot for travelers. Now, more influencers are living in D.C. and tapping into the culture for inspiration for their content.

Madrid, Spain

Photo Credit: Thomas Coex

With nearly 27,000 influencers, Madrid is number three on the TopRatedCasinos list. The city has 113 influencers per square mile and is the capital of the country. Known for its art culture, the city is considered expat-friendly, with a ton of attractions for tourists to enjoy as well. However, many do suggest learning Spanish before relocating to Madrid for your influencer pursuits. 

Dehli, India

The number four slot on the list goes to Dehli, India. Known as the city of rallies, Delhi has more than 53,000 social media influencers living in the city. Delhi is one of the greenest cities in the world, and one expat described living there as a crazy ride. However, social media influencers from all over are embracing the fast pace of the city with 94 influencers per square mile occupying the Indian capital. 

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Photo Credit: Bloomberg

Amsterdam has much more to offer than partying and fun. In fact, the city has 88 influencers per square mile, making it number five on the list. Because it’s a smaller city like D.C., Amsterdam landed in the top five. However, the city continues to be friendly towards expats with 10% of its citizens being from other countries.