As pandemic restrictions lessen and more travelers take to the roads and airs to venture to exciting destinations, many online travel communities have emerged connecting and uniting travelers around the world. What do they have in common? An innate wanderlust that keeps them constantly seeking out the next journey and adventure in exotic and foreign places. 

These online travel communities are bridging the distance gap between travelers looking to meet new people, enjoy new experiences, and link up in new places. Check out our 2022 nominees for the Travel Noire Best Online Travel Community Award and VOTE for your favorite today!

Nomadness Travel Tribe

Comprised of over 25,000 black and brown travelers from across the world, Nomadness Travel Tribe is shining a light on the voices and industry impact Black travelers have on the tourism and travel industry. Their online family of travelers brings over 50 million dollars in revenue to the industry each year and redefines the stigma that Black folks don’t travel. Group membership requires at least one passport stamp and their numbers are growing daily as more Black millennial travelers seek out knowledge, resources, and group travel with other Black travelers. Nomadness Travel Tribe is showing that travel and adventure have no color and that there is Black representation within the industry both as travelers and professionals. 

Black and Abroad


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Created in 2015 by founders Eric Martin and Kent Johnson, Black and Abroad stand on the principles of explore, embrace, and empower as they work to build more community and representation of Black travelers in the travel industry. The organization is dedicated to the diaspora and prides itself on curating international travel experiences that expose travelers to unfamiliar places and expose the world to new, diverse travel narratives. Since its creation, Black and Abroad have continued to implement systems and travel opportunities that not only cater to Black travelers but that also redefine the modern Black travel experience. 

Black Travel Alliance

The Black Travel Alliance is uniting Black travel professionals to amplify their voice and representation in the industry. The non-profit organization was founded in 2020 to encourage, educate, equip and excel black travel professionals in positions in corporate travel, media, and travel education. Not only that, but the Black Travel Alliance keeps its eye on the state of the industry year-round and stands as a go-to source of knowledge for Black travelers and travel professionals. Founded on the pillars of alliance, amplification, and accountability, the Black Travel Alliance is molding a new frontier for Black voices in the tourism and travel industry one connection at a time. 

The Traveling Muslimahs

A travel group for Muslim women, the Traveling Muslimahs was founded in 2017 by Munazza Muhammad to meet the travel needs of this unique demographic of women. Since then, the group has traveled domestically and internationally to places like Iceland, Morocco, Spain, and Miami. The Traveling Muslimahs aims to create sisterhood, form bonds, and bridge relationships between Muslim women traveling around the world. Moreso, this travel group specifically caters to the needs of Muslim women by incorporating prayer time and Halal meals into their itineraries.

Up In The Air Life


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A luxury travel company inspiring travelers to inspire, connect, and grow, Up In The Air Life is dedicated to hosting international travel experiences, lifestyle events, and memorial moments. They have a Facebook group with 22 thousand members and help travelers plan out their ideal travel moments every step of the way. Group members are able to post in the group and get travel tips, assistance, and engage with other members in the community seeking to connect with like-minded travelers looking to explore the world.


Looking for an online travel community to join? Be sure to check out one of these five amazing groups uniting Black travelers internationally. While you’re at it, make sure you vote for the travel community you think should win this year’s TN Best Online Travel Community Award. Voting ends June 13th!